Alleged victim in Rashee Rice alleged assault does not want WR to face charges

Laci Rice’s eventful offseason has taken another turn. The Chiefs’ star wide receiver was accused of assaulting a photographer at a Dallas-area nightclub on May 6, weeks after he was allegedly involved in a high-speed car race with SMU wide receiver Theodore “Teddy” Knox. He had been accused. But now The Dallas Morning News first […]

6 men allegedly staged armed robberies to obtain crime victim visas

Six men are accused of committing armed robberies in multiple states to obtain crime victim visas, according to a federal indictment unsealed Friday. WBBM-TV report. The men are suspected of staging robberies in Chicago, Louisiana, and Tennessee between July 2022 and January 2024. The unsealed indictment states that after recruiting people to pose as robbers, […]

JESSE WATTERS: Trump just became a victim

Jesse Watters spoke on “Jesse Watters Prime Time” about Michael Cohen, who admitted to stealing money from the Trump Organization because his bonuses weren’t high enough. NY V Trump: Michael Cohen admits stealing tens of thousands of dollars from former president’s business Jesse Waters: It took only 19 days, but the Trump trial finally uncovered […]

‘October 7’ Play Opens in NYC, Telling Victim Stories Through Verbatim Accounts

A play that tells the harrowing story of the victims and heroes of the October 7 attack on Israel opened in New York this week. Playwrights Phelim Makaria and Anne McElhinney described it as a “cultural moment” and “a story of resilience”. The show being held is Put on Blood-curdling accounts of the deadliest attack […]

‘Trans Woman’ Accused of Running over, Kissing, Stabbing Victim

An alleged transgender suspect has been charged in connection with a gruesome murder on Woodridge Square Drive in Houston, Texas, on May 3. The victim, Steven Anderson, 64, was walking to pick up his mail when a car approached from behind (ABC13). report Friday. “The suspect, 20-year-old Karon Fisher, is identified in court records as […]

Susan Backlinie, first victim in ‘Jaws’ film, unexpectedly dead at 77

Susan Backliny, famous for being the first victim in the 1975 film “Jaws,” has died, Fox News Digital has confirmed. Her husband of 30 years, Harvey Swindoll, said her death was “very unexpected.” She died of a heart attack Saturday morning at her home in California. She was 77 years old. ”[She] He was the […]

Alleged Hit-And-Run Driver Threw $20 At Victim Before Dashing Away: REPORT

A driver identified as Rodney Jefferson allegedly caused two separate hit-and-run incidents on Tuesday in San Francisco, allegedly injuring two people including a 14-year-old girl, according to officials. He allegedly returned to the site of the first collision and threw a $20 bill at the teenager before striking the victim, the Standard reported. (RELATED: NFL […]

CEO of WPP falls victim to deepfake scam

WPP’s CEO became the victim of an elaborate deepfake scam in which his boss’ voice was cloned to solicit money and personal information from employees. Mark Read, CEO of WPP, a London-based communications and advertising company whose clients include Dell, Wendy’s, Victoria’s Secret and Coca-Cola, has a WhatsApp account that appears to be his own. […]