National Guard Official Says Mark Milley’s Jan 6. Warnings Led To Deployment Delay

Editors’ Note: It appears the January 6th Capital Riot was exacerbated by the failure to deploy troops requested by President Trump. What seems lost on many commentators is that if an “insurrection” was the President’s intention, it would be nonsensical to deploy troops just to put it down. However, the riot got out of hand […]

U.S. Transgender Industry Rejects Warnings from British Science Report

US medical authorities have reportedly rejected an authoritative scientific report sponsored by the British government that is highly critical of transgender medical claims. new york times. The UK health system put the brakes on transgender surgeries on minors after the highly acclaimed Kass report, which found scientific evidence that transgender medication and surgery are appropriate […]

Joe Biden, Advisers Dismiss Negative Polling Despite Warnings

President Joe Biden and his advisers have reportedly denied significant negative polling data, despite media allies repeatedly warning the administration to ease its far-left policies. Former President Donald Trump led Biden in five of the six battleground states, making historic gains among Hispanic, black and young voters. new york times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer poll revealed Monday. The […]

Warnings of heavy rain across UK after hottest day of year | UK weather

Weather warnings for rain have been issued across the UK after the hottest days of the year so far. Temperatures reached a maximum of 26.5C (79.7F) on Sunday, but the Japan Meteorological Agency said recent warm and sunny days could end by Monday morning. Temperatures surpassed the previous record of 25.9C this year on Saturday, […]

UPenn anti-Israel encampment is dismantled, 33 arrested after protesters given ‘multiple warnings’ to leave

The University of Pennsylvania told Fox News Digital on Friday that 33 people were arrested this morning during the clearing of an anti-Israel camp on its Philadelphia campus. “At approximately 5:30 a.m. this morning, Pennsylvania Police, with assistance from the Philadelphia Police Department, took steps to clear an unauthorized encampment on College Green,” the spokesperson […]

Nikki Haley voters trigger fresh GOP warnings for Trump amid search for vice president

Donald Trump is facing words of caution from within his party as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee narrows down his choice for vice president. With former GOP presidential rival Nikki Haley continuing to chip away at his primary victory margins despite dropping out of the race two months ago, some Republicans are sounding the alarm […]

Are noise-canceling headphones hazardous to your health? Audiology experts share warnings

Noise-canceling earphones and headphones can be helpful when you need silence on demand, but are they really that helpful? dangerous to health? This technology is becoming increasingly popular among people who need to eliminate hearing distractions such as ambient chatter, loud children, and traffic noise. But some experts argue that blocking out ambient sound can […]

GORDON CHANG: Biden’s Warnings Fall Flat As China Swarms Key US Ally’s Waters

The Philippine Navy announced that during the afternoon of April 15 it had observed 55 Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea, Manila’s designation for the South China Sea. China is swarming the waters of the Philippines, hoping to intimidate Manila into surrendering territory. President Joe Biden and the U.S. State Department keep on issuing warnings, but […]