Trump Wasting Time in NYC While Biden Winning over Battleground States

Gov. Kathy Hockle, a New York Democrat, said Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump is wasting his time in New York, which is “solidly supporting Joe Biden,” while Biden is “failing to win the remaining battleground states.” “Donald Trump, former President Trump, will be holding an event in the Bronx soon […]

Knicks in danger of wasting Jalen Brunson’s all-time brilliance

MIAMI — It was a joke all the way back in February that Julius Randle was targeting an April 1st return. April Fool. An incident that caused laughter more than two months ago is no longer humorous, especially for Knicks fans. April Fool’s Day has passed on Monday, and we have new news that Randle […]

Alabama officials confirm 2 new cases of chronic wasting disease in deer

Deaf dog stolen from south Alabama home On December 8th, Rags, a deaf Old English Sheepdog, was stolen from his home in Silver Hill, Alabama. Police in the city are investigating. (Video credit: Olivia Gardner) Officials in Alabama have confirmed two additional cases of chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer. The case was found in […]

Trump says GOP should stop ‘wasting time’ on debates while opponents spar nearby

Former President Trump on Wednesday mocked his main rivals and touted his status as a front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination as he staged the third Republican primary debate at one of his signature campaign rallies. I tried to make it solid. Mr. Trump held court with thousands of supporters in Hialeah, Florida, about 24 […]