Virginia Bishop Rescues Boy from Burning Car After Head-On Collision

Local news outlets have hailed a Virginia bishop as a “hero” for pulling a boy from a burning shipwreck after his dump truck collided head-on with an SUV on the highway.

Bishop John Adonteng Boateng of Holy World International Ministries in Woodbridge was driving down Interstate 459 with his wife when a garbage truck with a flat tire entered the inner loop lane. crash He got into a car carrying a mother and child, Fox 5DC reported.

The crash occurred around 11 a.m. Tuesday in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Boateng wasted no time after seeing the SUV burst into flames, immediately stopping the vehicle and jumping out of the vehicle to help.

The woman was able to escape from the burning car, but video obtained by news outlets showed Bishop rescuing a young boy from the flames.

Dramatic video of a child being removed from a dangerous scene shows the boy’s clothes burnt and his calm clearly shaken.

When asked what he was thinking at the time, Boateng said: “I was going to save lives.”

“There was nothing. I could have died. This could have been the end, but my passion was to help. God used me to give him a second chance.” ,” Bishop said, adding that he was just following his instincts.

“There were a lot of explosions, but I didn’t pay attention. My first instinct was to reach out and help that poor little kid.”

The mother and son were taken to hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to survive, the paper said.

According to Maryland State Police, the driver of the dump truck also had a child in the vehicle. They were taken to the hospital, but there is no update on their condition.

Police added that the cause of the accident is still under investigation.