White teacher sues California union after allegedly blocking him from leadership for being White

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Exclusive A white history teacher has accused a California teachers union of discriminating because of the color of his skin, calling the actions “disgusting.”

Isaac Newman, a teacher in the Elk Grove School District, said Friday that he National Education Association Affiliates Newman sued for a violation of his Title VII civil rights, alleging that the Elk Grove Education Association created a seat on its board that was open only to candidates of color, making Newman ineligible.

“It’s horrible, and that’s why I filed the lawsuit,” he said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“My union has excluded me from a leadership position solely because of the color of my skin,” he said of the lawsuit. “I am barred from running for a leadership position solely because of my race. This type of racial litmus test is illegal and un-American, and that’s why I’m taking them to court.”

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Isaac Newman, a teacher in the Elk Grove School District, is suing the local chapter of the National Education Association for alleged racial discrimination. (Fox News Digital | Fairness Center)

In 2023, Elk Grove Education Association officials said,BIPOC Inclusion According to the lawsuit, seats on the company’s executive committee are reserved for people who “self-identify” as “African American (Black), Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Latino (including Puerto Rican), Asian, Arab or Middle Eastern.”

“Plaintiff Isaac Newman is a white man. [EGEA] “members who wish to run for union office to address the aggressive and unnecessary Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies recently adopted by the district,” the letter read. Lawsuit filed by the Fairness Centeris a legal organization that specializes in representing “people harmed by public employee union officials.”

The lawsuit asks the court to “declare BIPOC positions unlawful” and block the union from “creating similar positions in the future where candidates’ qualifications are based in whole or in part on race.”

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Newman said the discrimination allegations were “horrifying,” as was the prevalence of critical race theory in the culture.

“I’m actually very worried about kids,” he said. “When I think about the future of people getting an education. [critical race theory]”

Isaac Newman California Teachers Lawsuit

“It’s terrible, that’s why I filed the lawsuit,” teacher Isaac Newman said of the Elk Grove Education Association’s alleged discriminatory practices. (Fox News Digital)

Newman believes DEI ideology promotes a hostile message that focuses on skin color rather than expertise and knowledge.

“The message is that as a white teacher in a diverse school district, my students cannot learn from me,” he said. “That is abhorrent and completely wrong.”

Newman told Fox News Digital that he decided to run for the executive seat to challenge the status quo after coming up against the union pushing for an “aggressive” DEI agenda in the district.

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“I want to see my district and union move away from this very harmful ideology, move away from DEI, and embrace merit and individuality,” he said. “I want to see other teachers and other people in similar organizations step up.”

Newman said she is not alone in her opposition to DEI in the school district.

Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory argues that America is systemically racist and separates people into categories of oppressor and oppressed. According to the lawsuit, the Elk Grove teacher was so fed up with critical race theory that she tried to join the union leadership but was rejected because she was white. (Adobe Stock)

“Most people who think like me don’t want to speak up,” he said. “Most teachers [who are silent]It’s not conservative or liberal.”

“There are a lot of teachers who recognize that meritocracy and racial bias are at the heart of good teaching,” Newman added, “and what’s shocking is that in DEI training, they actually denounce racial bias and meritocracy as racist myths. And of course, if you focus solely on that, it creates division and it creates mediocrity.”

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Fox News Digital has reached out to the Elk Grove Workers Union for comment.

“Teachers unions are not immune from racial discrimination laws,” said Nathan McGrath, president and general counsel of the Fairness Center. “Civil rights laws expressly prohibit unions from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or segregating members based on any of these attributes.”