Who was slain New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour?

New Jersey legislator Eunice Dwanfor, who was shot dead near her home in Sayville on Wednesday, was remembered by loved ones and colleagues as a skilled newlywed single mother who strived to help others.

Dumfor, 30, was pronounced dead Wednesday night after being shot multiple times while driving a white Nissan vehicle near the Camelot apartment complex in La Mer.

Her car eventually came to a halt when it crashed into two parked cars, including a witness Lexus.

“It took me a second before I realized there was a body behind the wheel,” an eyewitness told the Post on Thursday.

“There was one bullet hole in the passenger door and many bullet holes in the driver’s door. Other neighbors said they saw someone put on a mask and run away.”

Locals believe the shooter may have escaped via the Garden State Parkway. On Thursday afternoon, about 20 Thayerville police officers were seen scouring beside the GSP exit to Jon Bon Jovi Services his area.

Authorities did not name the suspect, but police at the scene later told The Post that they caught a video of Doomfor talking to the shooter shortly before the shooting.

Eunice Dumfor was shot dead on Wednesday night.

single mother and new bride

At least 20 mourners gathered at Dwumfour’s parents’ Newark apartment on Thursday. Anguished cries could be heard echoing from the walls as loved ones grappled with their sudden loss.

Relatives said the Republican lawmaker was the oldest of five children in a Ghanaian family, leaving behind an 11-year-old daughter.

Her cousin, Rita K., said Dumfor married in Africa in November. Her husband, Eze Kings, is a pastor in Nigeria.

“It’s hard to talk about it. It’s hard. All I can say is, [Eunice was] humble woman. She’s very down-to-earth, she’s very calm and laid-back,” Rita said.

Dumfor’s mother, Mary, was too shaken to speak, but her father, Prince, said the loss of his daughter was a “huge blow”.

Eunice Dumfor poses with a Christmas tree.
Dwumfour was remembered as a devout Christian who loved helping others.

Her “dream” of helping others

A native of Newark, Doumfor was elected to the Thayerville Borough’s first board of trustees in November 2021.

Weeks before her victory, she said. TAPintoRaritan Bay She is “proud” to have graduated from Newark Public Schools before earning a degree in Women’s Studies from William Paterson College in 2017.

At the time of the election, she had reportedly lived in the Middlesex County area for over five years.

“She has moved [away] From Newark for a better life for my daughter,” cousin Kendra told The Post of Doomfor’s decision to leave the city where she grew up.

Dumfor walking down the street in a blue dress.
Dwumfour was elected to the Council in 2021.

A few months after being elected to the Council, Dumfor was given an honorable mention. InsiderNJ’s 2022 African American Power List.

“when [Eunice] I think her dream was to be an alderman and help a lot of people,” her aunt Beatrice Sahene explained.

“That was her dream. She didn’t do it for power. She did it to help people. She was born here, so she was a citizen here. I wanted to give back to my country.”

Eunice Dumfor, wearing a black blazer, arms crossed and smiling.
Dwumfour graduated from William Paterson College in 2017.

loyal role model

Dumefor’s sister, Priscilla, said her late sister’s desire to help the community stemmed from her Christian faith.

“She loved God. He was in every aspect of her life,” she recalled, noting that Dwumfour previously worked as a volunteer paramedic and did CPR classes.

“Wherever she was, she always wanted to help the community. I invited you. If you need a ride, call me. She always was.”

Dwumfour has also found ways to incorporate her faith into her professional life.

“She was a minister,” said Prince Dumfor of his daughter.

At the time of her death, Eunice Dumfor also Posted on LinkedIn He is a Business Analyst and “Scrum Master” for Fire Congress Fellowship, Inc. and Director of the Church of Champions Royal Assembly North America.

Doumfour smiles for a selfie in a yellow patterned blouse.
Dwumfour left his 11-year-old daughter behind.

Champions Royal Assembly is a ministry run by Nigerian pastor and televangelist Joshua Iginla. Dwumfour frequently posted on his social media about Iginla and his ministry.

so Posted in December 2022 She celebrated the wedding and thanked the preacher and his wife as “spiritual parents.”

Reflecting on her sister’s legacy, Priscilla lamented the lack of such a powerful female role model in her life.

“That’s my only other sister. I never had any other sisters I could look up to. Now I only have brothers,” she said.

crime scene
Dwumfour was shot near his home in New Jersey.
RLS media

past legal troubles

Despite Dumfor’s seemingly happy private life, she was also no stranger to public controversy.

Less than a year into her first term on Thayerville’s council, she was one of two Republicans to move Field survey resolution Shame on the role of former Democratic Rep. Thomas Polland in the strip club bribery scheme.

A few years ago, Dwumfour was also embroiled in her own legal troubles stemming from a 2017 car accident.

According to a lawsuit filed in December 2019, plaintiff Frank Fernandez-Tavare was the owner and driver of a vehicle that was “negligently and recklessly” driven at Hillside on December 21, 2017. Eunice Dwumfour claimed to be a possibility.

In the lawsuit, Fernandez Tevara claimed he suffered “serious, serious, permanent and disabling injuries” in the crash.

Allegations in this lawsuit ran for nearly two years before being finally dismissed in August 2021.

Fernandez-Tavare could not be reached for comment.

motive unknown

As the investigation into Dwumfour’s death continues, relatives and colleagues are still puzzled over the motives behind the shocking tragedy.

“[Eunice] I don’t know why the devil came and took her life when she loved God with all her heart,” said Sahene.

Eunice Dumfor
The motive behind Dwumfour’s murder remains unknown.

“Whoever does it, I know he’ll pay for it…Her spirit will hunt them down.”

“I don’t know what happened,” said Prince Dumfor.

“now, [Eunice is] enough. My prayer for her is that God give her her resting place. Someday I will meet her again. ”

Arthur Rittenhouse, 78, former chairman of the Sayreville Republican Party who served just one term in Congress, told the Post he was shocked by the killing.

“[Eunice] Everyone who talked to her or did business with her liked her, so this was a really shocking event.

Rittenhouse explained that she first met Dumfor five years ago through local politics, and that the two shared a special bond as they graduated from William Patterson.

He also acknowledged that politicians often disagree, but “nothing leads to this”.

“She had a very, very fun personality, and she was a woman of her faith and she always expressed it no matter who she was talking to,” he said.

Dumfor’s neighbor, Ashiya Lapierre, who lives in Thayerville, was equally appalled by the crime.

“Shock! I couldn’t believe this happened to her. She was such a kind person. Such a lovely woman,” she said.

As of Thursday afternoon, police did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment on the matter.

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