WWE King & Queen of the Ring review, grade: Gunther, Nia Jax crowned

WWE has made a habit of delivering satisfying secondary premium live events, and “King of Queens” was no exception.

Despite some ignored controversy on the men’s side, they produced two interesting winners from the tournament in Nia Jax and Gunther, both of whom earned championship matches at SummerSlam.

Gunther might be the most intriguing, as he’s on his way to becoming a world champion with the company just a few months after losing the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania.

The title change took place as expected when Liv Morgan defeated Becky Lynch, kicking off a storyline for Rhea Ripley’s eventual return.

The feud for the Intercontinental Championship reached a new chapter as Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul put on a fun, chaotic main event.

WWE put the Saudis in a creatively stable position heading into the summer with Jax, Gunther and Morgan.

Despite QR code teasers becoming more frequent and detailed recently, Uncle Howdy failed to deliver.

Here are five lessons learned from the event held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Controversial coronation

The King of the Ring finals did not end without controversy: Gunther pinned Randy Orton after kicking out of an RKO, but only because Gunther punched a knee injury that Orton had shown during their clash with Bloodline on SmackDown, and his opponent continued to attack throughout the match.

When Gunther won the King of the Ring tournament at the Mets on Saturday by pinfall over Randy Orton, his shoulder was visibly up. WWE

Gunther quickly dove on Orton and took him down for the pinfall, winning the tournament, but Orton’s shoulder was clearly up and the referee was in the perfect position to see it.

Gunther made no effort to push the shoulder down, giving the impression that this was what WWE wanted.

Triple H addressed the controversy on social media after the match, saying the referee’s decision stood, and he hinted at a rematch between Orton and Gunther, but not for the King of the Ring title, but it would build anticipation for Orton’s return.

The match itself told a storyline as Gunther continued to re-injure Orton’s knee in a hard-fought match, with Orton landing the RKO twice, but the first time he couldn’t make it to the cover due to his knee.

After the match, Gunter announced that he would be challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, rather than the WWE Undisputed Championship.

Gunther is the new Lord of the Rings WWE

This is bad news for whoever currently holds the World Heavyweight Championship – it was announced that Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre will fight for the title at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland on June 15 – but it does seem to ensure that Gunther is fast on his way to becoming world champion this summer.

Helping hands deliver money

Liv Morgan’s Revenge Tour began with success when she defeated Becky Lynch to become Women’s World Champion, with notable help from Dominik Mysterio.

Mysterio said earlier in the show that he flew to Saudi Arabia to stop Morgan from taking Rhea Ripley’s championship, but his actions still raise a lot of questions.

There were numerous times throughout the match when it looked like Morgan had done enough to win, but Lynch kicked out and at one point had a bit of a temper tantrum in the ring.

As Becky Lynch locked Morgan in a disarming submission, Mysterio appeared at ringside to distract the champion, he then threw a chair into the ring for Lynch to use, possibly knowing that Lynch would refuse and argue with Mysterio.

This paved the way for Morgan to hit a DDT on the chair followed by an Oblivion to defeat Lynch and become World Champion for the second time in her career.

Liv Morgan became Women’s World Champion with the help of Dominik Mysterio’s chair toss across the ring. Staszewski, Joseph

Remember, a few weeks ago on RAW, Mysterio was seen coming out of the same locker room as Morgan, so this really feels like the two working together and leading to a bigger storyline when Ripley returns from injury.

After the match, Lynch severely reprimanded Mysterio backstage and said she intended to exercise her rematch clause.


Nia Jax confirmed her successful return to WWE since the Royal Rumble by becoming just the second Queen of the Ring in history to challenge Beya for the WWE Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

She’s had some of the best matches of her career and, if she still holds the belt in August, will likely face off against Bayley as a true heel at SummerSlam, as her last singles match was in 2019.

Jax will also have a lot of fun taunting the crowd with the crown all summer long, which has already begun since Triple H handed it to her.

She won when Lyra Valkyrie flipped under Jax and attempted a powerbomb off the top rope. Instead, Jax got a foothold on the second rope and slammed her ass into her opponent’s chest for the fearsome Annihilator. Jax crossed her arms and sat down, just like Yokozuna used to.

Nia Jax is the new Queen of the Ring. WWE

This was a really strong match for Valkyria, as she flew around the ring performing moves, selling them well and helping make Jax look good at times. The veteran NXT call-up continues to prove she’s a top-tier competitor.

Hinting at a breakup

WWE wrapped up the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat match with a near perfect ending, and this was arguably the best match of the night.

Chad Gable again tried to win with the help of Otis, the big man was eager to beat Bronson Reed but was reluctant to attack Sami Zayn after he apologized for his interference on RAW.

Otis initially refrained from hitting Zayn with a clothesline outside the ring, but Gable became enraged at Otis, telling him to “wake up” and eventually slapping him.

Otis finally wailed, but instead of hitting Zayn with a clothesline attack, he attacked Gable the moment the champion ducked.

Gable was eliminated from the match, allowing the champion to return to the ring, where Gable delivered a Helluva Kick on Reed to retain the championship.

Chad Gable and Otis WWE

This was perfect, as it allowed for a one-on-one rematch between Zayn and Gable and gave Otis plenty of time to grow tired of Gable, so when that moment comes there will be a much bigger cheer instead of wasting it here.

This was a fantastic match with all three taking full advantage of the triple threat format.

At one point, Gable and Reed performed a double moonsault, followed by Gable simultaneously suplexing Reed and Zayn, which were the highlights of the match.

Map of Rhodes — with detours

The main event between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul was action-packed and certainly exciting at times, but this one was really full of extracurricular activities.

Of course, Paul broke his promise not to use his trademark metal knuckles when his business manager Jeff smuggled them out to him at ringside, and he ended up punching Rose in the ribs outside the ring.

Rose then accidentally knocked out the referee briefly and was unable to get the pinfall on Paul after delivering a Cross Rose.

Paul landed some low blows and looked to use the brass knuckles again.

At that point, guest ring announcer and Saudi Arabian actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj held down Paul’s leg to prevent him from punching Rose again.

This gave the champion the chance to deliver a Triple Cross Rhodes, a fantastic show of respect, and led the United States Champion to a satisfying victory to end the show and defend his undefeated WWE championship, with the champion even impressing Paul by saying, “I’m Cody Rhodes’ bitch.”

No one knows who Rose’s next opponent will be, perhaps they’ll start a program with Orton at some point, but WWE has time.

The match was action packed, with Paul hitting a frog splash off the top rope and a 360-degree camera shot of Rose through the announce table, who then hit a highly unusual vertibreaker.

Paul was also one of the best sellers of Figure Four in a while, complaining to the ref, telling Rose to stop the Figure Four and telling Cody he was going to break his leg.

Other matches

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill defeated Indi Hatwell and Candice LeRae to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

This was a really good match for Belair, who was able to pull off some power moves to score the pinfall despite dealing with a knee injury.

WWE is still taking a “less is more” approach with Cargill, and he unleashed his familiar barrage of attacks after the hot tag in this kickoff show match.

Cargill and Belair continue to work together creatively, finishing with a cool assisted DDT/suplex combo. The two are slowly building up a good chemistry.

Biggest winners: Gunther

Biggest loser: Bronson Reed

Best Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul

School year: B+