Youth Fentanyl Overdose Deaths ‘More than Doubled’ Since Pandemic

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fentanyl is the “leading cause” of a shocking increase in overdose deaths among young people since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The dangerous drug is a major contributor to a “more than double” increase in overdose deaths among children aged 12 to 17. The Washington Post (The Washington Post) analysis The state of study.

Until relatively recently, opioid deaths were an adult issue. The crisis is now reaching young people, with doctors in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia reporting increased emergency department and addiction treatment visits among young people, especially among Latinos.

Data collected from this tri-state region, a racially diverse and rapidly changing demographic, paints a vivid picture of a commonality that is increasingly affecting all major ethnicities in the U.S.: fentanyl.

Emergency rooms in Montgomery County, Maryland, “saw a sharp increase in opioid-related visits among young people ages 10 to 21 last year,” according to an analysis citing state surveillance data. Forty percent of visits were Hispanic, 25 percent were black and 20 percent were white.

This increase has policy To give permission Beginning May 1, 2023, all public school students in the county will be required to carry naloxone (Narcan).

A spate of youth overdoses in Northern Virginia has prompted Loudoun County Schools to add drug-sniffing dogs to its Narcan kits. post report.

In 2022 (the most recent CDC data), 45 DMV-area teens succumbed to opioids, a depressing figure that’s nearly equal to the previous three years combined. The Washington Post I got it.

Nationally and locally, white teenagers account for the majority of youth deaths from opioids, but black and Hispanic youth are dying at a faster rate.

Experts say the surge is the result of a combination of young people’s natural desire to experiment, combined with a worsening mental health situation due to coronavirus lockdown measures and increased social media use.

“You have a really tragic combination of a dangerous drug supply and teenagers who are increasingly suffering,” said Scott Hadland, chief of adolescent and young adult medicine at Massachusetts General Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

“All of this happened at the same time as kids went back to school during the pandemic,” said Sivabaraj Kaliamurthy, a paediatric addiction specialist who heads the addiction clinic at National Children’s Hospital.

One of his colleagues is Daniel Smith, director of addiction services at Mary’s Center, which treats mostly Spanish-speaking patients in Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

“We never expected something like this to happen to a teenager. It just happened out of the blue,” Smith said, noting that “we didn’t have any kids until 2022.” [for that]. “

While parents, medical professionals and educators try to curb this ripple effect that is killing young Americans; Recent report The House of Representatives Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has examined key claims in Peter Schweitzer’s latest book. Blood Money — China subsidizes the production and export of chemicals used to make fentanyl and other synthetic drugs.