2,000-Year-Old Coin Engraved with ‘Eleazor the Priest’ Uncovered in Israel

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 2,000-year-old coin with the name “Priest Eleazor” engraved on it, made a century before the birth of Christ. The name likely refers to a religious leader of the time, experts said. The rare coin was discovered near a cave in Israel’s Mazuk Hahetekim Nature Reserve and dates from the time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, which occurred between 132 and 135 BC and involved a Jewish revolt against Roman rule. . Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). This coin was discovered along with three other coins bearing the name “Simeon”. These also date back to the Bar Kokhba rebellion.

One side of the coin is engraved with a date palm inscribed with the words “Priest Eleazar” in Hebrew. On the other side, a bunch of grapes is depicted and the words “Year of Israel’s Salvation” are written, also in Hebrew. The Old Testament tells of Eleasor, a priest and son of Aaron. However, Israeli antiquities authorities said the Eleazor mentioned on the coin was likely a priest at the time of the rebellion. One possibility is Rabbi Eleazar Hamodai, “a rabbi of the time of Rabbi Akiva, a disciple of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakai.”

“Rabbi Eleazar Hamodai appears to have played an important religious role at the time of the Bar Kokhba revolt and lived in the town of Beitar, where the revolt was headquartered,” the IAA said. “In the Talmud, he is described as having probably died in Beitar during a revolt. (Jerusalem He Talmud His Taanit 4:5).”

The coin was discovered during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and the Judea and Samaria Junta’s Archaeological Department, “with the aim of recovering ancient treasures before they are stolen by antiquities looters.” It was done. According to a news release.

Photo credits: Israel Antiquities Authority

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