2020 Karachi Plane Crash That Killed 101 Blamed On Human Error By Pilots

The commission claimed that the failure of the two pilots was the main cause of the fatal accident. (File)


The May 2020 crash of a Pakistan International Airlines jetliner near Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, which killed 101 people, was the result of “human error” by two pilots, an investigation report into the incident has revealed. .

The Aircraft Investigation Board (AIB) has finally released its report into why an Airbus 320 plane failed to land safely at Karachi airport and crashed in a residential area near the airport.

The board argued that the main cause of the fatal accident, in which 101 people, including 99 passengers, lost their lives and two passengers miraculously survived, was the failure of the two pilots to make proper judgment during landing. did.

The disaster destroyed and damaged several nearby homes and parked vehicles.

Air traffic controllers warned the pilots four times that the plane should not land because it was at an inappropriate altitude, the report said.

The report said when the pilot first tried to land the plane, the engine hit the ground and the system lubricating the engine shut down. The report said “engine failure” ultimately led to the crash.

The report also held PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority responsible for not having clear procedures in place regarding whether pilots should fast during the month of Ramadan while on duty.

AIB also noted that after the engine failure, power was lost on board the aircraft and the last four minutes of the flight were not recorded in the data box. The pilots are also being held responsible for not being able to breathe in sync with each other when trying to land the plane.

According to airworthiness documents, the Airbus A320 was used by China Eastern Airlines from 2004 to 2014 before being introduced into PIA’s fleet.

Between 1965 and 2020, eight PIA aircraft crashes have been recorded.

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