‘It Ain’t Happening’: MSNBC Host Doesn’t Buy Biden’s Spin On Inflation

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said inflation was stubborn and that a reduction “ain’t happening” during a Tuesday appearance on the network. “Inflation is still stubborn. There’s some very good news when you look across things. Gas prices, one of the biggest drivers of inflation, have been going down for the last 91 days,” Ruhle, who […]

Fans Riot After Lil Baby Fails To Appear At Concert

Lil Baby fans caused a riot and nearly destroyed sections of the stage Sunday after the artist failed to appear at his own concert. Fans stood in line and packed the PNE Amphitheater in Vancouver to see a number of their favorite artists perform live and were angered when they learned Lil Baby had canceled […]

UN Says Australia’s Climate Change Inaction Is A ‘Human Rights’ Violation

A United Nations committee determined Friday that Australia violated the rights of indigenous peoples inhabiting a group of nearby islands for failing to take action on climate change. Torres Strait islanders filed a complaint to the UN in 2019 alleging that Australia’s sky-high carbon emissions contributed to the excessive rainfall buffeting the islands, destroying homes […]

LA’s Weed Black Market Is Booming In Plain Sight

A recent influx of unlicensed dispensaries, subject to minimal punishments, has brought drugs, guns and violence to the streets of California, according to The Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office has attempted many methods, such as cutting power and raiding establishments multiple times, yet the idea that “it’s just cannabis” continues to […]

REPORT: Arsenio Hall’s Home Was Nearly Robbed Twice — While He Was Inside

Arsenio Hall was at home when he was nearly burglarized twice in recent weeks, according to a report Tuesday. The famous comedian and talk show host was at home Saturday at roughly 11 a.m., and said he heard a noise coming from the lower level of his residence, TMZ reported. He went downstairs to further […]

Investigation found Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka used crude language in dialogue with female subordinate prior to start of improper relationship

The independent law firm probe into Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka found that he used crude language in his dialogue with a female subordinate prior to the start of an improper workplace relationship with the woman, an element that significantly factored into the severity of his one-year suspension, sources told ESPN. Those investigative findings — […]