Anti-ship missiles coming to Okinawa

This picture shows an MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft in flight after taking off from US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, as a person looks on towards the military base from Kakazutakadai Park in the city of Ginowan, Okinawa prefecture. (Photo by PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images) OAN Geraldyn BerryUPDATED 2:21 PM PT – Wednesday, January […]

Mexican President Praises Biden For Not Building Even ‘One Meter’ Of Border Wall

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked President Joe Biden for not building a wall along the border as he was hosting the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit. “You are the first president of the United States in a very long time that has not built even one meter of wall,” Obrador said Tuesday. “And we […]

Awards Show Host Roasts Tom Cruise Over Scientology Connections

Golden Globe Awards host Jerrod Carmichael roasted Tom Cruise for his connection to the Church of Scientology during Tuesday’s show, and the video clip of that moment is going viral on social media. Carmichael took the stage with three Golden Globes in his arms and boldly dared to go where no host has gone before. […]

Another US College Just Reinstated Mask Mandates For Students

Rhode Island College reinstated its mask mandate for the spring 2023 semester Wednesday, making it the latest college to require masks in response to COVID-19 cases. The Rhode Island school will require masks to be worn in “classrooms, faculty offices, labs and student services staff offices,” but not while inside all campus buildings, according to […]

BART: Nonprofit Policy — The Neglected Opening For A Republican Counterpunch

More than 1.8 million nonprofits are currently registered with the Internal Revenue Service, and most of them are small or midsize organizations. Ninety-two percent have annual revenues of  less than $1,000,000; 89% earn less than $500,000 in revenue; and 76% subsist on revenues of less than $100,000.  Many of these organizations ended the last fiscal year with […]

German cartel office issues objections to Google data processing

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s cartel office regulator said on Wednesday it had issued objections against Google’s data processing terms and that it expected the company to make changes accordingly. The cartel office sent parent company Alphabet, Google Ireland Ltd and Google Germany GmbH a preliminary legal assessment on December 23, the regulator said in a […]

Cough Medicine Could Be Used in New Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Summary: Ambroxol, a common medicine used to treat respiratory illnesses shows promise as a treatment to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Researchers report ambroxol increases the level of GCase, a protein that allows cells to remove waste proteins including alpha-synuclein. Source: UCL Ambroxol is a drug which is currently used to treat respiratory conditions. […]

It’s not a UFO its ZTF

View of the Palomar Observatory at night, on August 28, 2006, outside of San Diego, California. Scientists at the obsevatory were instrumental in determining that Pluto be downgraded to a dwarf planet. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images) OAN Shannon KellandUPDATED 3:47 PM PT – Wednesday, January 11, 2023 A rare, green comet is expected to […]

Joy Reid Explains How Corrupt The FBI Is, Then Shames Republicans For Not Trusting The Agency

MSNBC’s Joy Reid lashed out at Republicans on Wednesday night for not trusting the FBI and other intelligence agencies. The Republican-led house voted Tuesday to create a new subcommittee to investigate the alleged “weaponization” of the federal government. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who led the fight, previously cited parents being labeled as domestic terrorists for […]


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