Two research teams reverse signs of aging in mice | Science

A decade after Kyoto University biologist Shinya Yamanaka won a share of a Nobel Prize for discovering a cocktail of proteins that reprogram adult cells into versatile stem cells, two teams argue the proteins can turn back the clock for entire organisms—perhaps one day humans. One group at a biotech used gene therapy to deliver […]

Flu falls but Covid makes comeback, latest CDC data shows

Flu cases have fallen by more than two thirds in a fortnight and RSV is continuing to trend downwards — but Covid deaths are starting to rise. Today’s report showed 8,200 flu cases were detected in the first week of the new year, down from the 28,000 registered two weeks ago. Hospitalizations with flu-like illness […]

NFL fans predict a Super Bowl LIV rematch

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts. This is a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year, we ask the nation’s most passionate plug-ins fans. SIGN UP HERE Participate in weekly emailed surveys. Super Bowl LIV with Patrick Mahomes kansas city chiefsin their victory San Francisco 49ersthe team and stars emerged as more than just […]

HRT ‘potentially important’ in reducing women’s dementia risk | Health

Hormone replacement therapy may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in millions of women at risk of developing the condition, research suggests. Dementia is one of the world’s biggest health threats. The number of people living with the condition worldwide is set to nearly triple to 153 million by 2050, and experts have warned it presents a […]

AriZona raises bottle prices by 25% to keep iconic cans at 99 cents – Yahoo Finance

Arizona Beverage Company co-founder Don Vultaggio vowed to keep the brand’s iconic 99-cent cans, but to keep his promise amidst rampant inflation, he would give something else. I needed it. Earlier this year, the New York-based company (no, not Arizona) increased the price of its 20-ounce bottles. “Tall Boys” It rose 25% from $1.00 to […]

W.Va. AG Morrisey to Newsmax: ‘Thrilled’ With Ruling Upholding Trans Sports Ban

A Democrat-appointed federal judge’s ruling upholding a West Virginia law that requires students to participate in school-sanctioned sports based on their biological sex is a victory not only for common sense, but for fairness, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey told Newsmax on Friday night. U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Goodwin, who was appointed by Bill […]

Corpus Callosum Found to Switch off Right Hemisphere During Speech

Summary: Study confirms the role the corpus callosum plays in language lateralization. Source: HSE A study by the HSE Centre for Language and Brain has confirmed the role of the corpus callosum in language lateralization, the distribution of language processing functions between the brain’s hemispheres. The authors came up with an innovative language task for […]

Report: Prosecutors Blame Former Brazil President for Recent Riots

Prosecutors in Brazil are blaming former President Jair Bolsonaro for planting the seeds of election fraud, causing a riot of around 4,000 who stormed the nation’s governmental buildings last weekend. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Brazilian prosecutors believe that Bolsonaro incited supporters to conduct the riot in which government buildings were ransacked by […]

Old mice grow young again in study. Can people do the same?

These mice are from the same litter. The one at right has been genetically altered to be old. (David Sinclair) Estimated read time: 7-8 minutes BOSTON — In a laboratory experiment, old, blind mice have regained their eyesight, developed smarter, younger brains and built healthier muscle and kidney tissue. On the flip side, young mice […]