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‘Left-Wing Ideology’: Ron Johnson Fires Back At Dem Rep For ‘Falsely Accusing’ GOP Of Weaponizing Gov’t

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin on Friday challenged Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Ruskin’s claim that Republicans have weaponized the government. “In my testimony, I have documented my history of knowledge and involvement, and that during the investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and their foreign finances, the federal government not only against the American […]

Alleged Stories About Joe Montana Make Him Seem Like A Bit Of A Prick

Yeah … Joe Montana is sounding like a bit of a prick here. For over two decades, NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana had the reputation of being the greatest of all time in the history of the league. Once upon a time, ‘Joe Cool’ was the G.O.A.T., winning four Super Bowls in 16 seasons. […]

Missing North Carolina man Michael Cox found dismembered in concrete barrel

A man who has been missing for a month has been dismembered and buried in a concrete-filled barrel behind the home of his alleged killer, according to North Carolina police. was discovered. Jackie Lamar Bright, who has a massive rap sheet, was found guilty of the murder of Michael Bradley Cox after police found deadly […]

NBA Fines Brooklyn Nets’ Cam Thomas After They Say He Used ‘Disparaging Language’ During Post-Game Interview

The National Basketball Association fined Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas for using inappropriate language during a post-game interview on Thursday. Following Brooklyn’s 116-105 win over the Chicago Bulls, Thomas was asked about Spencer Dinwiddie’s joke from his introductory press conference on Wednesday, following his trade from the Dallas Mavericks to the Nets where he joked […]

United States Sanctions Six Chinese Firms amid Spy Balloon Incident 

The U.S. Commerce Department on Friday announced sanctions against six Chinese aerospace companies in connection with the shooting down of a Chinese reconnaissance balloon by U.S. military officials last weekend after it passed over U.S. airspace. The six companies were added to the export blacklist because they are related to the People’s Liberation Army’s aerospace […]