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Billie Eilish Makes A Surprise Acting Debut

Billie Eilish made her acting debut in a surprise role in Donald Glover’s new thriller, “Swarm,” and teased the series with an Instagram video Thursday. The seven-part series airs Friday on Prime Video and stars Dominique Fishback in the role of Dre, a young woman who is obsessed with a pop star named Ni’Jah and […]

VERONIQUE DE RUGY: What Biden’s Budget Really Aims To Do

Budgets are about priorities. In the Biden administration’s new budget, its apparent priorities are marred by problems. Here’s the cheat-sheet version: Rather than containing explosive growth in spending, it would use a bunch of new taxes to wage class warfare. While this budget is dead on arrival in Congress, it’s worth reviewing some reasons why […]

Florida Congressional Republicans Mostly Seek to Stay Out of Trump vs. DeSantis Fight

Republicans in the Florida legislature appear to be staying away from the apparent rift between former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis. Republicans in Florida win seats in midterm elections From 16 Republican congressmen in Florida to 20 post-election. This, coupled with Republican Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, means the GOP has 22 […]

Racism accusations hit after HS appears to limit Multicultural Week lunch to students, staff ‘of color.’ Soon school makes ‘editing adjustment’ to invite.

“Students and staff of color” were originally invited to a multicultural week potluck lunch set for Seattle Public Schools on Friday. KTTH-AM Story From conservative commentator Jason Lantz. As such, observers reacted angrily to what appeared to be an exclusive event at Lincoln High School, resulting in numerous racism accusations on social media. But since […]

Democrats View Mitch McConnell More Favorably than Republicans

Democrats have a more favorable view of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican-Kentucky) than Republicans, according to a Rasmussen Report poll released Thursday. investigation Examined Favorability of three Republican leaders: Former President Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California), and McConnell. The poll found that 52% of voters had a favorable view of both Trump […]

Russia Honors Pilots for Downing U.S. Drone Moscow Claims ‘Fell’ by Itself

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu presented awards to the pilots of the two Su-27 fighter jets that intercepted and downed an American drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday. United States European Command (EUCOM) Said After two Russian Su-27s “performed an unsafe and unprofessional interception”, the MQ-9’s propeller […]

St. John’s waits with open arms as Rick Pitino mulls future

Albany — Rick Pitino gave Iona an up-close and personal look at how a Hall of Fame coach can impact programs through the sheer power of his personality and basketball genius. Just as Iona had the right school and the right job at the right time for him, he was the right person for Iona […]

Xi Jinping To Visit Russia As Biden Admin Downplays Diplomatic Efforts

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government announced a visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) works to exert more diplomatic influence around the world. Xi and Putin will have a one-on-one meeting over dinner Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday, followed by more formal talks involving other officials Tuesday. […]