JESSE WATTERS: The subpoenas are coming

Jesse Watters reports that many of the Biden family’s bank records are under a “Jesse Watters Primetime” subpoena. Jesse Watters: A summons is coming.James Comer’s House Oversight Committee just demanded Biden clan Four — yes, four — bank records from major institutions. We hear Comer wants his 15-year-old record. Comer urges Biden to fix his […]

STEVE PAVLICK: The Budding Bromance Between Putin And Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently visited Russian President Vladimir Putin to cement an expanding strategic partnership. Remember, it was Putin who visited Xi Jinping last year, days before he invaded Ukraine. It is worth noting that Xi Jinping has met with Putin more than any other world leader. Xi recently unveiled his 12-point peace plan […]

A Modified open question | Fox News

The terms “open rules,” “structured rules,” and “modified open rules” don’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t struggle in the Capitol. But if you want to understand how House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (California Republican) finally made it to the Speaker’s Office after five days of tumultuous voting in the House election, these phrases are many. […]

California teacher repeatedly urges hesitant student to use racial slur

A middle school student in Fontana, California, asked her teacher to teach her a word from a book she was reading in her English class. An eighth grader at Sequoia Middle School was reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain when he came across the N word. In a video shot by one […]

Facebook Layoffs Leave Business Customers Without Support

Mass layoffs at Facebook have left influencers and businesses with limited customer service, exposing them to fraud and other problems. CNBC report Due to a number of cost-cutting initiatives by Facebook (now known as Meta), Instagram influencers and businesses are struggling to get adequate support for issues affecting their accounts. In total, the two layoffs […]

Whitlock: ‘The Tennessee Three’ and ‘The Memphis Three’ used children to elevate themselves and destroy the American paradise

The political drama taking place in the Tennessee House of Representatives is a reality show in the HBO documentary series Paradise Lost. In three separate documentaries that launched in 1996, HBO desperately tries to exonerate three Satan-worshipping teens from West Memphis, Arkansas from the murders of three eight-year-old boys. It was made. The document turned […]

House Oversight Committee subpoenas banks for Biden financials

The House Oversight Committee has submitted subpoenas to four major financial institutions in an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, the panel chair confirmed Friday. Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase and HSBC have received subpoenas related to a panel investigation into the Biden family’s global influence peddling scheme. Fox News first reported. Marvin […]