Nashville Walgreens employee shoots pregnant woman accused of shoplifting

An armed Walgreens employee shot a pregnant woman who allegedly shoplifted at a Nashville store. She hit her multiple times and forced her doctors to perform an emergency caesarean section Wednesday night to save her baby. Workers reportedly witnessed a woman who was seven months pregnant, and a second individual stole merchandise from the store, […]

Fort Lauderdale Airport Closed as Severe Flooding Engulfs South Florida

Severe flooding hit South Florida, closing the Fort Lauderdale airport until at least 5 a.m. Friday and declaring a state of emergency in Broward County. The area was soaked this week by torrential rains that lasted through Thursday.Currently, Miami’s National Weather Service have From Coral Springs to Homestead, there’s flood monitoring in action. The data […]

U.K. Detained Nigerian Presidential Candidate Peter Obi on Easter for ‘Impersonation’

Nigerian presidential candidate Peter Obi restrained He was interrogated for hours at Heathrow Airport in London on Good Friday, apparently because someone in London impersonated him. On Thursday, Obi denied reports that the British government had apologized to him for the incident. Obi, 61, has achieved amazing success show strong Opinion polls ahead of Nigeria’s […]

Nets need team effort to slow down potential MVP Joel Embiid

Nick Claxton has played in the postseason before, but the Nets Center’s first playoff start comes with the daunting task of guarding 76ers star and MVP frontrunner Joel Embiid. He doesn’t have to do it alone. Claxton, his coach Jack Vaughan, and everyone else need a team effort to stop, or at least keep, a […]

‘Hostile’ DeSantis policies lead Florida LGBTQ group to warn state may not be safe to visit, live in; state NAACP issued similar travel advisory

Citing Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ “hostile” policies, LGBTQ groups in Florida have issued warnings that the state may not be safe to live in or visit. Detail is? equality florida wednesday Said “We have taken the unprecedented step of issuing travel advisories to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and students, warning them that Florida may not be […]

No extra rest for Rangers, heading straight into playoffs

It doesn’t matter if the Rangers wanted to give key regulars a breather before the playoffs. As such, the Rangers’ postseason-ready lineup won three straight games of ice on Thursday night in a 3-2 loss to the Maple Leafs to finish the regular season 47-22-13. Perhaps in a world without fixed salary caps, certain players […]

Twitter to let users monetize content with subscriptions

J.P. Morgan Global Market Strategist Jack Manley and Fitz-Gerald Group Principal Keith Fitz-Gerald Discuss Tesla’s Investor Day, Now Is Investor’s Time to Get Off the Road in ‘Cramant Countdown’ Discuss whether it is time. Elon Musk announced how Twitter users can earn money and make money on the social media network. Twitter users can offer […]

Norway Expels 15 Russian Diplomats Accused Of Spying

Norway has expelled 15 Russian diplomats accused of spying and using their diplomatic status as cover. Norwegian foreign minister Anniken Huitfeldt stated that Norway would not allow the Kremlin access to its embassy in Oslo to engage in “covert intelligence activities.” Huitfeld added that the 15 diplomats and staff in question are now considered personae […]

Ross Johnson Allegedly Kills Air Force Rep With A Single Punch In Bar Brawl

Amateur MMA fighter Ross Johnson was arrested and charged with manslaughter for allegedly killing US Air Force airman Dayvon Larry with a single punch in a bar fight. Panama City police allege the 23-year-old MMA fighter and a group of his friends engaged in a verbal altercation with another group of people at the Coyote […]