NASA’s super balloon captures stunning images of distant galaxies

A soccer-field-sized superballoon floating in the stratosphere with a high-tech telescope captures stunning images of distant galaxies that NASA shares with Stargazer. The Super Pressure Balloon Imaging Telescope (SuperBIT) launched from New Zealand on April 16 and made a giant loop around the world’s Antarctica in the first 10 days of its mission. Newly released […]

‘You Can’t Deny’ Animated Kids Series Has Gay Subtext

Showrunner for new animated kids series on Apple TV+ frog and toad Claiming that gay subtext was also present in classic children’s books published in the 1970s, it is “not possible to deny that there is a gay subtext between the show’s two male protagonists.” you can’t”. In an interview with the Daily Beast, showrunner […]

One-in-Four High School Students Identify on ‘LGBQ’ Spectrum

Nearly a quarter of American high school students identify with the “queer” spectrum, and that number has more than doubled since 2015, according to government data. As curricula across the country feature “LGBTQAI+” content and “social-emotional learning” methods, data shows that the number of students identifying as something other than heterosexual is more than twice […]

Giants’ Joe Schoen makes late move to get Deonte Banks

The NFL draft board for most of Thursday night seemed to serve the Giants’ needs admirably. Most teams ignored the two positions the Giants needed most, and it looked like they might pick the garbage among top receivers and cornerbacks. Then, as the first round nudged toward the No. 19 pick, the board began to […]

Akira Schmid shines again in Devils’ Game 5 win over Rangers

Akira Schmidt appeared in just 18 NHL games before those playoffs began, but is 22 years old since replacing Bitek Vanessek, who was struggling with a Devils goal in Game 3 against the Rangers. The rookie has been key to the team’s turnaround. He was tall again in Thursday’s 4-0 win at the Prudential Center, […]

Former New York Met pitcher Dennis Ribant dead at 81

Mets starting pitcher Dennis Livant in the mid-1960s died Monday at the age of 81A cause of death was not given. mets station Howie Rose announces news on twitter on thursday. “In 1966, he became the first Mets starter to have a consistent 11-9 season, and was soon traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, where OF […]

Trump swaps ‘Sleepy Joe’ for ‘Crooked Joe’ in echo of 2016

Former President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he would drop the nickname “Crooked Hillary” and apply it to President Biden instead. Trump, 76, said at a rally in New Hampshire, “I will do away with the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton. I will give her a new name. I don’t know if it’s ‘nice Hillary’ […]