NYC protesters demand justice, clash with police while blocking subway tracks

Protests erupted in New York City after homeless Jordan Neely was strangled to death by a Marine veteran. Protesters packed into subway stations and stood on the tracks to unite and demand change. “No justice, no peace!” Protesters can be heard repeatedly yelling in the video. ‘Abolish the police’ Dozens of protesters gathered at the […]

JASON ISAAC: The Great Carbon Capture Scam

Carbon dioxide capture is like burning a witch. From the 15th to the 17th centuries, the Western elite “Evil humans were having a negative effect on the climate and weather patterns. ” People were demanding that something or anything be done about the famine and crop failure. Because results were needed and facts cursed, inconvenient […]

California task force OKs reparations plan that could cost state $800B

California’s reparations task force voted Saturday in favor of multiple recommendations that could cut a minimum of $360,000 in checks to eligible black residents. A nine-member committee gave final approval at a meeting in Auckland. massive list of suggestions It aims to remedy racial inequality statewide. “Reparations are not only morally justified, they have the […]

Giants’ first-rounder Deonte Banks out to prove it on field

Deonte Banks tried to talk garbage to Marvin Harrison Jr. during the breakout game of his career as a cornerback in Maryland, only to see the Ohio receiver take his bait. I realized that I didn’t want it. Now it’s Banks’ turn to remain silent. At least until the Giants’ first-round draft pick of him […]

A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper suspended after on-air racial slur

Veteran Oakland Athletics play-by-play broadcaster Glenn Kuiper was suspended from duty Saturday after apparently using the n-word on live television. NBC Sports California said in a statement on Saturday that Kuiper was suspending the broadcast until a review of what happened during Friday night’s broadcast was completed. Vince Cotroneo and Johnny Doskoe will join the […]

Texas mall shooting suspect’s home in Dallas searched by Police and FBI

Police and FBI agents reportedly searched the home of a Texas shopping mall shooting suspect early Sunday morning. Hours after a shooter killed eight people and wounded seven at an Allen, Texas mall, officials descended on a Dallas residence before being shot dead by police. told WFAA The suspect was with his family. Several FBI […]

Texas officials tackle, contain industrial plant fire in Deer Park

A fire broke out at a Shell facility unit in Deer Park, Texas, on Friday afternoon, officials said. A fire broke out in the Olefins Unit of the Shell Deer Park Chemical Facility just before 3:00 pm. “The ignited products include cracked heavy diesel oil, cracked light diesel oil, and gasoline,” the company said. said […]

Jets coach to Mekhi Becton: ‘Go earn left tackle’

Jets head coach Robert Saleh sent a message to Mekhi Becton on Saturday. Saleh declared Friday that both of the Jets’ offensive tackle spots were open at the tournament and would play his “best of five” on the offensive line. This opened the door for Becton to land with a left or right tackle. At […]

Bam Adebayo single-handedly shutting down Knicks’ centers

MIAMI — The Knicks’ dominance at center was a key factor in their impressive first-round playoff victory over the Cavaliers. However, they have held them off so far in their Round 2 Heats match. Mitchell Robinson has yet to make an impact, with Miami’s Bam Adebayo dominating Game 3 and completely dominating Robinson and Isaiah […]

NASA developing a snake-like robot for one of Saturn’s moons

NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is in the process of testing a new robot it hopes to deploy into outer space to answer the age-old question of whether life exists apart from Earth. Exobiology Extant Life Surveyor (EELS) System is a snake-like robot designed to manipulate solid and liquid layers while collecting samples. One of the […]