SUZANNE DOWNING: The Democratic Party Has A Zombie Problem

It’s the Night of the Living Dead among Democrats in the halls of the Capitol. Let’s start with footage of Senator Diane Feinstein of California being driven into the Capitol on Wednesday. The photos and videos were pathetic and horrific. Even the Democratic media were taken aback and began accusing the old Californian woman of […]

AI tools being used by police who ‘do not understand how these technologies work’: Study

Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing law enforcement and bringing advanced technology to investigations, but “society has a moral obligation to mitigate harmful consequences,” says a recent study. AI is still in its teenage years, as some experts say, but law enforcement is already using predictive policing, facial recognition, and gunshots, according to a North Carolina […]

LA officials monitoring rising use of flesh-rotting ‘zombie drug’

Los Angeles authorities sound the alarm Regarding “concerns” about the spread of “zombie drugs” that can have horrifying effects on addicts, such as eating meat. Also known as the animal tranquilizer xylazine, the local street drug ‘trunk’ can have dire consequences when mixed with other illicit drugs such as heroin and fentanyl. Los Angeles officials […]

Lee Zeldin launches group to aid NY’s needy

Former Long Island senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is launching a charity to help the needy in New York. Zeldin Cares addresses homelessness and food insecurity, strengthens services for veterans, supports youth education, restores dilapidated buildings, parks and roads, and promotes economic development in impoverished areas. He told the Post that he plans […]

Biden Admin Quietly Paves Way For Foreign Countries To Ramp Up Influence Ops On Think Tanks

President Joe Biden’s State Department repealed a Trump-era policy that fostered more transparency from foreign policy think tanks, The New Republic first reported. Then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo implemented a new Department policy in 2020, which discouraged officials at the State Department from cooperating with think tanks that accepted foreign government funding without disclosing it […]

Biden ‘Destroying’ Our Identity as a Nation — ‘They’re Erasing Us’

Conservative radio legend Michael Savage said the Biden administration was “destroying our national identity” and essentially “erasing us”, saying that US borders were “dissolved” and that the US He warned that the culture was being “degraded”. Appeared on Newsmax TV count On saturday, new york times The best-selling author referred to the “all-out aggression” being […]