Digital seance: New AI tech will mimic speaking to dead family, friends

Artificial intelligence cannot bring the dead back to life, but it may be able to simulate talking to deceased loved ones to help humans navigate the grieving process. A high-tech revamp of the traditional seance comes amid the rapid growth of large-scale language models, a form of AI trained on large amounts of text. ChatGPT’s […]

FTC issues warning on misuse of biometric info amid rise of generative AI

Futurist and WAYE founder Sinead Bobel joined “Morning with Maria” to discuss some of the dangerous aspects of advances in artificial intelligence technology. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a warning about the potential misuse of consumer biometric information in connection with emerging technologies such as: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. […]

Poland says no to any ‘artificial peace plan’ between Ukraine, Russia

First appearance of Fox — Poland is closely monitoring attempts to broker a peace deal between Kiev and Moscow as the deadly war in Ukraine continues to escalate and Russia’s next actions remain in doubt. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky first presented the terms of a “peace formula” last October, telling G-7 leaders at a summit […]

Chinese Social Media Bans Comic ‘Uncle Roger’

Comedian Nigel Ng, best known for his character “Uncle Roger,” had his Chinese social media accounts frozen in late May, the BBC reported Monday. Weibo and Bilibili are China’s versions of Twitter and YouTube. Both platforms suspended Ng within days of him sharing a clip from his upcoming show in which he mocked China’s communist […]

‘Selling Sunset’ Spells Doom For Housing Market

The latest season of “Selling Sunset” dropped on Netflix on Friday, and while the series was pretty much a snooze-fest as far as the drama goes, it also revealed a somewhat sudden and drastic crisis in the housing market. You’d be forgiven for switching off the newest “Selling Sunset” shows before the final episode. It […]

Here’s how AI is being used to unlock secrets still hidden in the human brain

Artificial intelligence systems are modeled after the human brain, but a new field of research at Columbia University in New York is looking at how the living brain works and how it can be improved in the development of AI. I’m researching if it might contain any clues. Columbia University is one of seven universities […]

Great white shark spotted feasting on seal carcass near Cape Cod

Great white sharks were spotted munching on seals off Cape Cod over the weekend, a sure sign that summer is on the way. The Saturday morning sighting by crew and passengers on a vessel operated by Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch marked the first confirmed sighting of a great white shark this season in the region’s […]

U.S. Will ‘Not … Decouple from China’

President Joe Biden emphasized globalism at this week’s G7 summit, making it clear that his administration is “not trying to decouple.” [the United States] from China despite the loss of millions of American jobs.” “Today, we are also united in our approach to the People’s Republic of China, and a joint statement released yesterday outlines […]