AI is already speeding up drug development and reducing animal testing

Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Dean of Artificial Intelligence at Mount Sinai and founder of Page, discusses the impact of artificial intelligence in medicine and its use in cancer diagnosis and management. Developing life-saving drugs takes a lot of time, money and testing. But one company’s artificial intelligence-powered technology offers a way to reduce all three while […]

New home sales jump to 13-month high in April while prices drop

U.S. new single-family home sales jumped to a 13-month high in April, boosted by a persistent shortage of existing homes in the market, but sales last month were not as strong as previously thought. The Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday that new home sales rose by a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.1% to […]

Jordan Neely’s Uncle Arrested Pickpocketing After Denouncing Penny

Police said Tuesday that Jordan Neely’s uncle, Christopher Neely, was arrested Monday on suspicion of pickpocketing near the Port Authority bus terminal. Reportedly, Neely stole a wallet from a restaurant. new york post. His arrest comes after he lashed out at Daniel Penney, a white man charged with murdering his nephew on the New York […]

Tom Cotton Blasts Target over Partnering with Satanist to Push Trans Agenda

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) criticizes Target for promoting transgender people and dislikes Target’s choice to partner with Satanists to promote Pride Month apparel expressed feelings. “Even by the standards of an enlightened company, @the goalNotable is its partnership with Satanists to impose transgender agendas on time @the goal “If you come to me for […]

Yankees’ biggest concern is beastly AL East

Things are finally going well for the Yankees, but it’s going to be harder than ever. The latest reminder of that was in another black-and-orange dugout there on Tuesday night. Yes, the Baltimore Orioles have come a long way, rising from a deeply sick man to a powerhouse quickly. The American League East has always […]

NYC college professor freaks out at pro-life students, tossing their property and cursing: ‘Get this f***ing s*** out of here!’

Students at a taxpayer-funded Manhattan university who were peacefully representing unborn children were attacked earlier this month by a left-wing adjunct professor who violently “provoked” the students. seems to have been criticized. Life of America students uploaded a video that shows Shereen Rodriguez, an assistant art professor at Hunter College of the City University of […]

Georgia’s Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint arrested for reckless driving

A fourth Georgia football player was arrested for a driving offense this offseason. Senior wide receiver Marcus Rosemee Jaxaint was charged with reckless driving and speeding by the Athens Clark County Police on Tuesday, according to police records. After being charged with two misdemeanor counts, he was arrested at 4:33 p.m. and released at 5:28 […]

Canada high profile cold case of teen Sharron Prior cracked after nearly 50 years

One of the most high-profile unsolved cases in Quebec history was unraveled Tuesday, as Canadian authorities identified a West Virginia man who allegedly raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl nearly 50 years ago. bottom. Police in Longueuil, Quebec, with the help of DNA evidence, have identified Franklin Maywood Romine as the murderer of teenage boy […]


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