Rick Scott leads push to help parents keep kids safe from unrestricted AI

As Congress begins to wrestle with how to put guardrails around rapidly advancing artificial intelligence systems, Senator Rick Scott (R, Florida) wants parents to fine-tune their children’s access to AI chatbots. I would like to be able to control it. Scott introduced the Artificial Intelligence Shield for Children (ASK) Act and said in an interview […]

Tennessee woman fatally shot, officer injured after police pursuit

A woman was shot dead and a police officer wounded after the chase ended in a field in eastern Tennessee, officials said. A statement from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Parrotsville police officers and Cocke County deputies detained Whitney Leanne Fox, 36, who was driving on the freeway on Tuesday night because of an […]

IRS Whistleblower Speaks Publicly for First Time, Says DOJ Intervened to Slow-Walk Hunter Probe to ‘Benefit’ Him

during part of interview In an interview with CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Jim Axelrod aired on Wednesday’s “CBS Evening News,” IRS Superintendent Special Agent Gary Gary, the whistleblower in the IRS investigation allegedly involving Hunter Biden, Shapley spoke publicly for the first time, claiming: The investigation was “out of the norm” due to “multiple […]

What are some controversies surrounding natural language processing?

As machine learning technology continues to impact the world, popular artificial intelligence tools such as natural language processing can cause unforeseen problems for humanity. For example, natural language processing has implicit biases that can create a large carbon footprint and raise concerns about AI sensitivity. natural language processing The field of machine learning in which […]

Latest version of ChatGPT passes radiology board-style exam, highlights AI’s ‘growing potential,’ study finds

Latest version of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence A new University of Toronto study found that OpenAI’s chatbot is smart enough to pass a radiology board-style exam. Officially launched on March 13, 2023, GPT-4 answered 81% of the exam’s 150 multiple-choice questions correctly. Despite the chatbot’s accuracy, the study, published in Radiology, a journal of the Radiological […]

Ron DeSantis takes veiled swipe at Trump during presidential campaign launch

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis used a campaign launch at the White House to covertly criticize former President Donald Trump, saying “government is not entertainment.” DeSantis, Trump’s most formidable threat to securing the Republican nomination, indirectly attacked the 45th president in comments on his Twitter space Wednesday night, though he did not name him. “The government […]

AR-Pistols Registered with ATF Will Be Illegal in 5 States

When Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia) spoke to Breitbart News this week, he noted that ATF-registered AR pistols under the stabilizer brace rule would be illegal in five states. The ATF’s stabilizer brace regulation reclassifies AR pistols with stabilizer braces and instead defines them as short-barreled rifles. Clyde warns that the reclassification means people in certain […]

Ron DeSantis Mocked After Disastrous Twitter Spaces Campaign Launch 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, was ridiculed by Twitter users after the launch of his presidential campaign on Twitter suffered from technical problems. As reported by Breitbart News: The Twitter Spaces call was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm ET, but started a few minutes late as an unidentified voice whispered, “Quiet.” Entrepreneur David […]