Memorial Day and the stock market

Check out what’s being clicked on As the American public mourns and mourns those who have died in military service, Wall Street will pause Monday for Memorial Day holiday. there will be nothing stock trading The US stock market will be closed. The US bond market will also be closed, so there will be […]

Plenty of reasons to believe Giants are contenders

The Bryan Dabor Giants won’t be creeping into the NFL this season…but there’s more reason to believe in the Giants as a rising team that isn’t a fake one-hit wonder. As smart, tough and dependable rookies, Dabor and GM Joe Sean have high hopes for the Giants as they orchestrated a climb to a franchise […]

Speaker McCarthy Releases Bill Raising Debt Ceiling Into 2025

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Sunday night unveiled a bill that would raise the federal debt ceiling until January 1, 2025. page 99 financial responsibility law Freeze non-defense discretionary spending at the FY22 level and limit federal spending increases to 1% per year for six years. It also includes reforms to resume student loan payments […]

Agents Bust Alleged Human Smuggling Attempt at Texas Airport near Border

Rio Grande Valley District Border Patrol agents and local police thwarted an attempt by alleged smugglers to transport four Central American migrants on a commercial flight. The incident occurred at Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas. Rio Grande Valley District officials assigned to the Border Patrol Intelligence Team received information about suspicious activity at Valley […]

Ukraine Tennis Player Marta Kostyuk Booed for Refusing to Shake Hand of Belarusian Player

Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk was booed at a match in France for refusing to shake hands with Belarusian player Alina Sabalenka because Belarus supports Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. bathed. Mr. Kostyuk, 20 years old, Rejected The paper reported that he deliberately snubbed the 25-year-old Sabalenka after she lost at the French Open on […]