Democrat leader: ‘un-American’ ‘MAGA Republicans’ trying to ‘crash’ economy for 2024 political benefit

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said Tuesday that “MAGA Republicans” are trying to “collapse” the U.S. economy through debt ceiling negotiations because doing so is in their political interests. suggested. ”Right now, our focus is on making sure we avoid catastrophic defaults and prevent extreme MAGA Republicans from causing an economy-collapsed, job-destroying recession, but many […]

Miami man helps ID father’s killer 62 years after businessman was murdered

More than 60 years after his father was found shot dead in Miami, Richard DiMere helped identify the perpetrator closer to his home than police knew at the time. On March 24, 1961, Joseph DiMere, 53, and his wife Frances, 33, left their home in Miami for dinner at a seafood restaurant in North Miami […]

Parents Arrested After 3-Month-Old Girl Found Dead in Bronx Woods

ABC7NY announced Monday that the parents of a three-month-old baby girl were found dead in the woods of the Bronx, New York City. report. Genevieve’s 23-year-old father, Damion Commerger, has been charged with murder and manslaughter. Authorities said Commerger told his parents on May 14 that he had shaken the baby because it would not […]

Whitlock: Samantha Ponder is more courageous than all the men at ESPN

The time will come when silence will be betrayal. The time has come for us when it comes to biological men participating in women’s sports. The time has come for us when it comes to avoiding the topic of male athletes participating in female sports. I’m clearly stealing from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech […]

House Republicans Give McCarthy Standing Ovation in Debt Limit Meeting

Speaker Kevin McCarthy received a standing ovation Tuesday at the House Republican meeting on the debt ceiling. House Republican collected They applauded McCarthy as they gathered in the Capitol to discuss the debt ceiling deal. The California Republican said he would give Republicans time to discuss the Debt Limitation Agreement, also known as the Fiscal […]

LGBTQ Radicals Send Target Bomb Threats After Pride Month Pullback

LGBTQ extremists have reportedly sent a flood of bomb threats to retail giant Target in retaliation for withdrawing some of its Pride Month merchandise following a major backlash. Bomb threats are said to have been made against multiple Target stores in at least three states: Utah, Pennsylvania and Ohio. An email was sent to his […]

DeSantis Presidental Run 2024 – TheBlaze

Ron DeSantis has officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, but Glenn is the first to visit to discuss his candidacy and how he plans to dismantle the Deep State.・It was Beck. Mr. DeSantis revealed what he would do if elected to the American people. “We need to make sure that the […]

Mets start rookie Mark Vientos for third consecutive start

Mark Vientos was in the Mets lineup for a third straight game, but it was a milestone that didn’t make sense for the 23-year-old’s entire career thus far. But Tuesday meant another chance for Vientos to sit in the middle of the pecking order in a team that relies on young talent while hesitant to […]