RFK Jr. Says He Will Join Elon Musk For Twitter Interview After Being Banned From Instagram

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Saturday he will be interviewed on his Twitter space alongside Elon Musk. “I think we’re leaving at 3 p.m. Tuesday,” President Kennedy said on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda.”Kennedy’s campaign banned by Instagram for presidential candidate tweeted On Thursday, he urged Musk to: problem Invitation to Appear on Twitter, […]

Left-Wing BuzzFeed Stock Hits 69 Cents; NASDAQ Threatens Removal

Corporate media collapse unfolds with glowing news that left-wing Buzzfeed shares have fallen $1 or lessand the Nasdaq threatened to remove it. “[Far-left] BuzzFeed received a “delisting notice” from Nasdaq Stock Market LLC on May 31. ” According to Yahoo News“Warning that: [fake news outlet] face[s] Failure to meet the minimum requirement of $1.00 per […]

Obama Gets Pushback on Twitter After Calling for More Gun Control

On Friday, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, President Barack Obama’s call for more gun control was met with a huge backlash on Twitter. His call for more gun control combined with a call to support Everytown for Gun Safety, owned by Mike Bloomberg. President Obama tweeted: On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, let’s honor victims […]

Keith Hernandez Makes Awkward Sexual Reference While Describing Hitting

If Keith Hernandez made a YouTube video explaining hitting, parental controls would probably apply. As Blue Jays slugger Alejandro Kirk took to the plate against Mets starter Justin Verlander on Friday, Mets color analyst Hernandez explained his approach to hitting. kind of thing. “You want to be upright all the time when you make contact,” […]

Dems are intent on rigging the vote again

Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats failed last year in an attempt to disrespect voters and rig maps of congressional districts. Of course, they will try again this year. On Thursday, an appeals panel is set to hear a special new zoning claim that claims the map produced last year applies only to 2022. Of […]


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