Americans ‘sick’ of global elite like Prince Harry: think tank director

WASHINGTON – The head of a conservative think tank that is suing to see Prince Harry’s visa application says their battle is against the globalist elite, such as the royal family “preaching” everyone and not being held to the same standards as the public. He said he represented “fed up” Americans. everyone else too. The […]

LGBT Groups Demand Target Denounce ‘Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremism’

More than 200 LGBT groups have called on Target to replenish its “Pride” collection and speak out against “anti-LGBTQ+ extremism.” The Human Rights Campaign has joined forces with GLAAD, GLSEN and others to bring Target to scale back its Pride collection following public backlash against some of its controversial products such as Tuck Friendly. Issued […]

The Feds Use Migration to Cut Wages

article, the federal government uses immigrants to hold back salaries and wages for Americans. Atlantic Oceanwhich is a magazine that highly promotes migration and settlement. Federal policymakers believe that “labor power is just a commodity like wood and oil, and Americans are richest when it’s plentiful and cheap.” To tell. Author Oren Kath, Founder of […]

PGA Tour, Jay Monahan sold out to LIV but it’s good for golf fans

And the winner is… golf. Fed up with the hypocrisy that has divided the PGA Tour and the sport, golf and its fans around the world, fed up with the intimidation by LIV Golf and the banning of players who jumped on the Saudi-supported tour, are now at the top of their game. You can […]

Phil Mickelson vindicated for long view of PGA-LIV Golf clash

From the beginning, Phil Mickelson has been the most prominent face to LIV Golf critics. LIV Golf is the controversial golf tour that lured some of the world’s best players off the PGA Tour, financially backed by endless Saudi funds. Mickelson and other PGA Tour stars Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau in the […]

Celebrity Cruises norovirus outbreak leaves more than 175 sick

More than 175 people reported feeling unwell due to norovirus during the recent epidemic Celebrity Summit Cruise Travel to Bermuda is allowed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The outbreak occurred during the May 15-25 voyage, affecting 152 of the 2,144 passengers and 25 crew members, according to the CDC. Those […]

The left’s problem with men, and the Bible

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. Leftists sometimes say exactly what they really think. Last week, a senior left-wing commentator took a break from preaching to the public about politeness: “Wear a mask! Check your privileges! Bigots, let’s bake a cake!” — to review my new book, Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs. […]