Sydney Morning Herald Apologizes for 195-Year-Old Coverage of Massacre

Australia’s venerable and widely read books sydney morning herald (SMH) Friday apologized For an article published in 1838 defending settlers accused of murdering dozens of Australian Aboriginal peoples. Applicable apology letter SMH range of myall creek massacre a local landowner named John Henry Fleming Assembled Believing his actions to be justifiable revenge for Aboriginal violence […]

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded group trying to bury video of twisted interviews with little kids about sex and masturbation: ‘Do you play with your ****?’

Dutch organization funded According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the videos that showed four-year-olds being asked extremely inappropriate questions about sex and masturbation is facing scrutiny. While the Rutgers Foundation is trying desperately to thoroughly investigate the video, the Dutch right-wing populist political party Forum Vol Democratie has taken to exposing […]

Target market cap losses up to $15 billion as shares drop

Targeted shareholders were hit again on Friday, with the major retailer’s shares falling 3.26%. The backlash from the Pride controversy has coincided with the company’s market capitalization dropping by more than $15 billion since mid-May. The stock just topped $161 last month and plummeted to $126.99 when the market closed, as three Wall Street firms […]

Spanish leftist party unity may improve Socialist PM Sánchez’s re-election odds

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s chances of being re-elected after July’s election received a potentially significant boost after a dozen small left-wing parties agreed to stand in joint elections. . The pact is expected to be an important aid to the socialists led by Sanchez. Post-election government negotiations. The deal, signed late Friday, brought an […]

Secret Service will not seek ‘special accommodations’ for Trump’s Miami court appearance

A Secret Service spokeswoman said Friday that former President Donald Trump will not seek “special favors” ahead of his arraignment in Miami federal court on allegations of mishandling classified documents. Secret Service Communications Director Anthony Guglielmi said: “For operational security reasons, I will not go into details, but the Secret Service has taken special steps […]

Man allegedly threatened Taylor Swift with bomb, called her father and managers

A suspected stalker obsessed with Taylor Swift has been arrested on charges of stalking Taylor Swift and threatening management. Mitchell Taebel, 36, is accused of showing up at Swift’s Nashville mansion after sending photos of the weapon to Swift’s management team and threatening to “destroy it.” Taybel is also suspected of contacting and leaving messages […]


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