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‘It’s the darn right thing to do’

WASHINGTON – National Security Council spokesman John Kirby delivered an impassioned speech Monday defending the Pentagon’s policy of paying for travel for soldiers and their families to receive reproductive medicine, including abortion and in vitro fertilization. rice field. “One in five people in the U.S. military is a woman,” Kirby said. “We are an all-volunteer […]

Former FBI agent confirms key details of Hunter Biden whistleblower’s testimony, GOP says

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee said Monday that a former FBI agent with the IRS who oversaw the federal investigation into Hunter Biden released key pieces of whistleblower testimony about alleged political interference in the investigation by the Biden administration. announced that it was confirmed. “Today, a former FBI supervising special agent assigned to […]

Military Has ‘Sacred Obligation’ to Provide Troops Abortion Access

White House Press Secretary John Kirby argued Tuesday that providing access to abortion for the military and their families is a “fundamental and sacred duty” for military leaders. During a White House briefing on Tuesday, a reporter asked Kirby if the Biden administration’s policy of paying for soldiers and their families traveling out of state […]

Does Kamala Harris want to ‘REDUCE POPULATION?’ 2 stories

Freud’s gaffes are sometimes humorous. Sometimes I just suck in the air in the room. Kamala Harris’ recent blunder certainly falls into the latter category. In a recent speech on climate change, the vice president said, “If we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce the population, more children will be able to […]

Earth may see ‘minor’ geomagnetic storm from recent powerful solar flares: NOAA

U.S. officials announced a small geomagnetic storm watch for Earth after scientists observed a powerful flare on the sun over the weekend. The US Space Weather Forecast Center announced a “G1” storm monitor on Sunday, so it said the storm could hit Tuesday. Magnetic storms occur when there is an exchange of energy from the […]

FBI Tipped off Hunter Biden to Interview, Confirming Whistleblowers

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R, Kentucky) said Monday that an FBI agent tipped off on the agency’s criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and told a former FBI supervising special agent to stay away from him. announced that it had instructed and identified key parts of the IRS whistleblower. Suspicion. During a transcribed interview […]

McCarthy Challenges Jeffries ‘to Prove’ Certain Dems Aren’t ‘Antisemitic’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has called minority leader Hakeem Jeffries after Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-W.A.) said “Israel is a racist state.” (Democrat, New York) to prove that some members of the Congress are not anti-Semitic. The weekend — she later said. McCarthy: “This is not the first time someone has consistently made anti-Semitic remarks […]

Mets surrendering at trade deadline would just be a waste of time

As we know, the Mets are far from great. But if they sell now, they’ll have the real all-time title of “Worst Team Money Could Buy.” Congratulations to respected authors John Harper and Bob Kurappish for publishing a delightful book about the Mets in a very disappointing 1992. But if these Mets sell off to […]