5 indications Joe Biden will not run in 2024

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Standing before a New Mexico audience recently, President Biden unintelligibly joked that, “I hibernated in a while – all, you know, in Iowa for a while.”  It’s not clear what he meant by that, but hibernating is an apt descriptor of the Biden 2024 re-election campaign. Though Biden was mocked […]

It’s about time we cancel Alec Baldwin

He has had anger control problems for decades and has been furious with flight attendants, junior staff, the police and even his own minor children. He comically claimed to be not anti-gay and was notorious for his long-running homophobic rants. He took the life of an up-and-coming talent and the mother of his young son, […]

Saudi Arabia Used “Explosive Weapons” To Kill Hundreds Of Migrants: Report

HRW: Saudi Arabia buying football clubs to improve image shouldn’t turn a blind eye to ‘horrible crime’ London: Hundreds were killed when Saudi border guards fired “explosives” at Ethiopian migrants trying to enter the Gulf Kingdom through Yemen, Human Rights Watch said on Monday. Riyadh did not immediately comment, but the allegations show a significant […]

Ask a doc: 25 burning questions about AI and health care answered by an expert

As artificial intelligence From ultrasound screening to drug development to clinics, the medical field continues to expand, leaving some patients unsure about how it will affect them and their health care. , some may be interested or concerned. Emergency doctor Dr. Harvey Castro in Coppell, Texasis also a consultant and speaker on AI and ChatGPT […]