US Health Department recommends easing federal restrictions on marijuana by lowering its drug classification

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommended reducing federal penalties and regulations for marijuana by downgrading marijuana’s drug classification. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that the DEA proposed downgrading devil’s lettuce from a Schedule I drug (a classification that includes heroin and LSD) to a Schedule III drug, along with ketamine […]

ACLU of Maine reaches settlement in public defender suit

The Maine American Civil Liberties Union has reached a settlement over the failure of the state’s public defender system, pledging state officials to pledge more funding and an additional public defender’s office, in addition to charting a course forward. expressed. The lawsuit settlement builds on previous successes in opening the first public defender’s office, improving […]

Marines order safety review after deadly Osprey crash

Following the deadly crash of an MV-22B Osprey in Australia over the weekend, Acting Marine Commander General Eric Smith has ordered a full force safety review. Three Marines were killed and 20 injured when a tiltrotor Osprey plane crashed on Melville Island, north of Darwin, on Sunday, although the incident is still under investigation. in […]

South Africa’s building fire leaves 52 dead, authorities say

At least 52 people have died in a skyscraper fire in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, emergency services said Thursday. Emergency services spokesman Robert Mulauzi said another 43 people were injured in the pre-dawn fire. He said the death toll could still rise. Firefighters stand next to the bodies of victims at a deadly fire […]

Jalin Hyatt switches to Odell Beckham’s Giants No. 13

Shortly after being selected by the Giants in this year’s draft, wide receiver Jalyn Hyatt received a video message from Odell Beckham Jr. “Don’t break all my records in your rookie year.” Hyatt will match at least one of OBJ’s jersey numbers, officially changing from number 84 to number 13 for the first NFL campaign. […]

Odell Beckham falls over after learning Zay Flowers’ signing bonus

Now that his teammates know how much his Ravens signing bonus is, Zay Flowers may be a dinner snack for a while. It was so high that Odell Beckham Jr. fell off his chair. A hilarious moment came during a recent team meeting when Flowers was given the floor to get his teammates to get […]

China’s Baidu Launches ChatGPT Rival ERNIE Bot As AI Race Heats Up

Beijing: China’s Baidu on Thursday unveiled ChatGPT rival ERNIE Bot to the public, a giant leap for the country’s tech industry looking to cash in on the artificial intelligence gold rush. The Chinese government introduced new regulations for AI developers this month, aimed at allowing them to remain in competition with the likes of ChatGPT […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt coordinator wants ‘fair contract’ as AI continues to loom over Hollywood strike

With actors’ strikes continuing, much of the AI ​​controversy in Hollywood has turned things dire, with arguments that the technology is an imminent threat and could end careers by replacing performers across the entertainment industry. leaning to the side. But stunt performer and coordinator Freddy Bussieg doesn’t necessarily think so. Vice President of Stunts Unlimited […]


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