New tech fails to help adoptive parents navigate obstacles: probe

A study of artificial intelligence tools aimed at helping match children in foster care with prospective adoptive parents found that the technology offered a limited process. An AI tool called “Family Match,” which has been adopted by several states to streamline the process of finding permanent homes for children in foster care, is missing, The […]

Here’s the proof Bidenomics really isn’t working for Americans

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. The U.S. economy continues to stumble, and while it’s doing better than expected at the macro level, it’s hurting working Americans at the micro level. Despite October’s numbers beating Wall Street expectations, inflation remains serious. Interest rates are near record highs, the housing market is in disaster […]

GBP/USD backs away after nearing key technical resistance this week – ForexLive

GBP/USD daily chart This week’s high was around 1.2500 and it is currently just below the 100-day moving average (red line) of 1.2509. But for sellers who endured weak results after Tuesday’s US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, this is enough to keep calm. And currently, price action is even seen below his 200-day moving […]

Biden’s approval rating sinks over Israel-Hamas war; support for Trump in 2024 rises: poll

Karl Rove on 2024: Biden has ‘real problems’ FOX News contributor Karl Rove discusses President Biden’s re-election effort and reflects on the field of Republican presidential candidates after Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) suspends his campaign. do. A new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows President Biden’s approval ratings are declining and former President Donald Trump’s […]

New York carriage driver charged with animal cruelty after horse collapses in Manhattan

More than a year after a frail and sick horse collapsed on a Manhattan street, a carriage horse driver was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Defendant Ian McKeever, 54, was accused of overdriving, animal torture and injury, or horse “Rider” on August 10, 2022, when the horse “Rider” collapsed and lay down […]

GOP rep calls Biden’s ‘argument’ about Xi a ‘stupid bet’ 

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), chairman of the House Select Committee on China, said President Biden’s assumption that China will become less aggressive on the world stage as it addresses its domestic issues is “stupid.” “It’s a gamble,” he said. “The president has made that argument. It’s a very dangerous argument, and the idea is that […]

What came out of Jets’ players-only meeting

After all, it can be just a meeting. Just a little time for the Jets to recalibrate. Tuesday’s player-only gathering for the offense was a step towards fixing the problems, especially with that unit, that derailed a promising 2023 season without quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But until the Jets start winning, the problem will remain unresolved. […]

Reeling Islanders blow another late lead in tough OT loss to Canucks

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Lane Lambert said before Wednesday’s game that the team had been playing good hockey, other than falling apart in small pockets. The problem is, that’s the same as saying it won’t rain unless it rains. And later in the evening, after the Islanders extended their lead over the Canucks, rain poured […]