Democratic Presidential Candidate Announces He Will Not Run For Reelection To House Seat

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips announced Friday that he will not run for re-election to his Congressional seat. Phillips, who is running in the Democratic primary against President Joe Biden, said he does not intend to run again to represent Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. (Related: Meet the lesser-known Democrats running for Joe Biden’s job) Serving […]

Israel releases 39 Palestinian prisoners under hostage deal

Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners on Friday as part of the first round of exchanges with Hamas, which had previously released hostages from Israel, Thailand and the Philippines. Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which mediated the detainee release agreement negotiations, confirmed on Friday that 39 Palestinian prisoners had been released. On Friday, around the same […]

Massive tumbleweed seen rolling down California highway, video

A car-sized tumbleweed was spotted speeding down a California highway on Tuesday. A giant weed wandering around, following the flow of cars flowing through Simi Valley. video show. The National Weather Service confirmed that this giant tumbleweed was created and powered by Santa Ana winds. Santa Ana winds occur when air from an area of […]

This was a hideous performance

Review of the Jets’ 34-13 loss to the Dolphins on Friday: offense Same result with a new quarterback. Tim Boyle (179 yards, 27 of 38, 1 TD, 2 INT, 67.8 QB rating), making his first start in place of Zach Wilson, seemed ineffective, but the offense gained 159 yards. , scored one touchdown. The Jets […]

Arch Manning shows off athleticism, arm in Texas debut

Arch Manning has officially joined the Board of Directors. The former five-star recruit and famous nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning came off the bench in the fourth quarter of No. 7 Texas’ 57-7 victory over Texas Tech on Friday night, leading the Power Five. I got my first taste of college football as a […]

Canada’s human rights commission suggests Christmas and Easter holidays amount to ‘systemic religious discrimination’

The Canadian Human Rights Commission recently released the following report: paper It suggests that statutory holidays associated with important Christian events, especially Christmas and Easter, are evidence of “religious intolerance.” Federally funded report fromhuman rights watchdog” kept its ultimate objectives largely secret, stressing that Canada must work toward the “eradication” of such so-called religious intolerance. […]

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un inspects spy satellite photos of ‘target regions’, US bases

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has inspected photos taken by a new reconnaissance satellite of “key target areas” including South Korea’s capital Seoul and cities with US military bases, state media reported on Saturday. Nuclear-armed North Korea launched a satellite on Tuesday, but South Korean defense officials and analysts said its capabilities had not […]