Crypto exchange Zipmex suspends trading activity in Thailand – Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex has announced that it will take immediate action to suspend all digital asset trading in Thailand as part of regulatory compliance. according to statement In a statement issued on November 25, Zipmex has chosen to temporarily suspend operations to comply with the regulatory requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand […]

Same outfit, MMA, learning Taylor Swift songs

One of the world’s richest people is learning how to become a Swiftie. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly trains with MMA fighters several times a week wearing the same outfit as part of Meta CEO’s rigorous routine, some of whom are currently , including learning Taylor Swift songs with her three young daughters. Facebook founder, 39 years […]

Patriots’ Mac Jones no stranger to quarterback shuffle

Benching Mac Jones would be a bold move for coach Bill Belichick. Or panicky movements. Yes, Jones has struggled this season. Yes, he has as many interceptions (10) as touchdowns, but that’s never good. Yes, the Patriots will be on a three-game losing streak heading into Sunday’s game against the Giants. And yes, Jones has […]

Flail Mary just latest miserable moment for beleaguered Jets fans

What’s funny, though “funny” might not be the right word, is that Jets fans as a whole were able to figure out what was about to happen before it actually happened. We’ve already heard from dozens of Jets fans — friends, family, and readers — who said that at the exact moment Tim Boyle threw […]

As Families Unite, Hamas Set To Release 3rd Group Of Israeli Hostages

Israel announced that it had released 39 Palestinian prisoners of war. Palestinian Territories: Hamas fighters were scheduled to release a third group of Israeli hostages on Sunday in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, a day after freeing prisoners including a young woman snatched from a desert rave. In a sign of the fragility of the exchanges, […]

Massachusetts Brawl breaks out at Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus

Kun prisoner of war chicken. A brawl broke out at a Chinese restaurant in Massachusetts on Wednesday, leaving at least one person bloodied as the family-owned restaurant turned into an amateur WWE ring. The fight broke out at the Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts, which was packed with patrons on Thanksgiving Eve. video Photos posted […]

NHL continues to reveal total lack of convictions

Last month, Arizona defenseman Travis Dermott defied the NHL’s ban on using Pride tape. The league did not enforce the rule and did not issue any fines after Dermott’s show in the desert on October 21, quickly reversing the rule adopted in the middle of the night. On Friday, Minnesota netminder Marc-Andre Fleury defied the […]

Riot erupts at pro-Israel teacher at New York City school

A pro-Israel teacher was reportedly locked in a school office after hundreds of pro-Palestinian students unleashed an anti-Semitic riot at a New York City high school. The teacher allegedly attended a pro-Israel rally in Queens on October 9th. Students at Jamaica’s Hillcrest High School, where the teacher works, reportedly learned that the teacher had participated […]


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