AUD Breaking News: RBA Holds Rates, Aussie Dollar Slips – DailyFX

AUD/USD analysis and issues The RBA has held off on raising rates with a likely peak of 4.35%. US ISM Services PMI will be in focus later today. AUD/USD is testing the 200-day moving average. Improve your trading skills and gain a competitive edge.please get it australian dollar Today’s Q4 outlook provides exclusive insight into […]

White House warns Ukraine aid is running out

Young said it is urgent for Congress to act on President Biden’s policies. $61 billion request To support Ukraine. “We are running out of funds to support Ukraine in this fight,” Young wrote, warning that the embattled country will be “knee-jerk” on the battlefield if aid is not delivered soon. Congress failed to pass Ukraine-related […]

Tua Tagovailoa shows off guitar chops on ESPN’s ‘Manningcast’

Tua Tagovailoa showed off his softer side on Monday. The Dolphins quarterback joined the Manning cast as part of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” broadcast and brought his guitar. Tagovailoa showed off his chops in the second quarter as the Bengals held off the Jaguars. “Let’s see. You can play ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Eric Clapton,” […]

Luis Severino ‘putting in the work’ to stay healthy leaves Mets encourged

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The addition of Luis Severino to the Mets’ rotation came with concerns about his health history, but team officials believe the pitcher is determined to stay on the mound. Masu. “I think he’s been working hard this offseason,” President of Baseball Operations David Stearns said during Monday’s winter meetings. “And I think […]

Chilling Footage Shows Hamas Kidnapping Israeli Lawyer During October 7 Attack

Susana was among the last group of hostages freed by Hamas on Thursday. Disturbing footage has surfaced online showing the moment the Hamas group kidnapped 40-year-old Israeli lawyer Amit Susana in a surprise attack on October 7th. A short video shows the lawyer struggling with seven Hamas gunmen as he drags her away. Gaza seen […]

Musk warned that AI could destroy a human colony on Mars

Elon Musk was warned that artificial intelligence would pose a danger to humans as they seek to colonize Mars. Business Insider reports that in a 2012 conversation with DeepMind co-founder Demis Hassabis, Musk said he hoped humanity could avoid the threat posed to Earth by colonizing Mars. He hinted, but was told that the plan […]

The perils of Biden’s executive order

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. In a bold move, the White House recently issued a staggering 111-page executive order on artificial intelligence. Executive orders are typically brief directives that prompt federal agencies to develop specific, detailed regulations. But this comprehensive document reflects a worldview in which AI is more than just a […]


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