Ukraine’s imposing top lawmaker launches a charm offensive in DC

The first thing that becomes apparent about Ukrainian parliament speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk is his imposing size. Stefanchuk was a towering figure this week, wearing an all-black military-style uniform that barely reached his shoulders as he stood next to U.S. officials and members of Congress. Stefanchuk visited Washington for the first time last week, meeting with […]

Nets’ Ben Simmons has moved to next step of back rehab

Nets point guard Ben Simmons is starting to feel the effects of the epidural he received in his back and has moved on to the next stage of his rehabilitation. “I think he's thinking in days to weeks, not weeks to months,” Simmons' agent Bernie Lee told the Post. Simmons hasn't played since Nov. 6, […]

Russia Launches Cruise Missiles On Ukraine Ending 80-Day Pause: Report

The missile attack was the first of its kind in the past two months. (representative) Kyiv: In a resumption of hostilities, Russia fired a barrage of cruise missiles at targets in Ukraine early Friday, ending a nearly 80-day hiatus, CNN reported, citing Ukrainian officials. The air raid on Kiev lasted for nearly two hours, but […]

Bulgaria approves more military aid for Ukraine

Bulgaria's parliament approved additional military aid to Ukraine on Friday. The proposal passed with a majority of 147 votes and would provide Kiev with defective and redundant anti-aircraft systems and surface-to-air missiles. Military experts say Ukraine has the facilities needed to repair missiles or disassemble them for spare parts. Bulgaria's parliament on Friday approved providing […]

Pentagon Banned From Mandating Pronouns In Compromise Defense Bill

Congress' compromise defense bill would prohibit the Department of Defense from requiring or prohibiting troops or personnel from using personal pronouns in official documents. The Senate bill would completely prohibit the Department of Defense from requiring military personnel or DOD civilian employees to list their preferred gender pronouns in official communications. according to in response […]

Dak Prescott takes aim at critics while promoting at-home colon cancer screening kits

A quarterback's life in the NFL comes with unique challenges. As the face of the organization, responsibility is always placed at the feet of the organization. franchise player Fans directed their anger at the quarterback. Dallas Cowboys No. 4 Dak Prescott leaves the field after a game against the Seattle Seahawks at AT&T Stadium on […]

Federal judge bars separating migrant families for 8 years

A federal judge on Friday blocked the federal government from separating families solely as part of border enforcement policy for the next eight years, blocking a potential return to 2018's short-lived zero-tolerance policy. The decision was made as part of a settlement between the then-separated families and the Department of Justice. The American Civil Liberties […]


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