ROOKE: Where Are The Boomers When We Need Them Most?

There is a grandparent birth crisis plaguing our country. Baby boomers are aging out of their parenting years and passing on the responsibility of raising the next generation to children who seem completely unprepared. Becoming a parent is not easy. Children are mentally and physically taxed in ways that people cannot understand unless they have […]

FBI issues warning of lone actor violence for holiday events

As tensions continue to rise in the Israel-Hamas war, the FBI warned Americans on Tuesday that acts of violence by lone actors could continue over the holidays. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and National Counterterrorism Center Public service information, said the war would increase the “threat of lone-actor violence targeting large public gatherings […]

Agent Sean Stellato is loving his journey with Tommy DeVito

Tommy DeVito's agent, Sean Stellato, has garnered just as much attention in the soccer world as his client. Stellato took some time Tuesday to answer questions from The Post's Steve Serby. Q: Is Hollywood calling? A: Everyone is coming out of reality and there is demand right now. There is a possibility of a premium […]

Patriots’ Germany loss sealed Bill Belichick’s fate: insider

Even after the Patriots' surprising victory, things don't seem to be calming down in New England any time soon. As an ugly season continues in Foxboro, there is speculation about Bill Belichick's future with the Pats. According to NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran, owner Robert Kraft has already decided on Belichick's fate and plans to […]

India Votes For UN Ceasefire Resolution, Israel Faces Pressure From Allies

Last month, several hostages were released as part of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Israel, which faces calls from many UN member states for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, is now under pressure from allies including the United States, which has criticized the bombing of the narrow strip of land as “indiscriminate.” […]