Twitch Laying Off More than 500 Employees, Amidst Major Organizational Reshaping

Twitch, the live streaming platform popular with gamers, plans to cut about a third of its workforce in a major restructuring effort. The Verge report Twitch, a leading game live streaming platform, announced a significant reduction in the number of employees As part of a strategic realignment led by parent company Amazon. Twitch plans to […]

NASA announces delays in Artemis program, pushing crew’s moon landing to 2026

NASA's recent announcement of a delay to the Artemis mission means astronauts won't be walking on the moon again as soon as previously thought. The astronauts were scheduled to orbit the moon in late 2024 on the Artemis II mission. Artemis III is planned for 2025, when astronauts will walk on the moon for the […]

Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley body language expert weighs in on fifth GOP debate

After all, practice may not make perfect. After five Republican presidential debates, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis still can't bring himself to smile, but he often did during Wednesday's showdown with former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley. , their faces naturally light up when they go on the offensive, body language expert Chris Ulrich told The Paper. […]

Denver to slash budgets by up to 15% due to ongoing illegal immigrant crisis

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston is warning the liberal city that city department budgets could be cut by up to 15% to deal with the huge costs of the current immigration crisis. Johnston said this week that the city will need to reimburse about $180 million in expenses to protect undocumented immigrants who arrived on their […]

Promising new tech has ‘staggeringly difficult’ copyright problem: expert

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First Illegals Served Evictions from NY Hotels, Only to Reapply to Others

The first immigrant families living in hotel rooms paid for by the city received eviction notices this week as New York City Mayor Eric Adams seeks to free up beds for recently arrived immigrants. Approximately 40 families lived at the Row NYC Hotel for up to a year. found According to the Associated Press, Adams […]