Georgia Pageant Queen Murdered 18-Month-Old Baby

A Georgia teenage pageant queen has been arrested and charged with the murder of an infant who was taken to the emergency room “unresponsive” and later died. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) took 18-year-old Trinity Pogue into custody on January 14 on charges of “aggravated assault, felony murder, and first-degree child abuse.” announced in […]

We Have ‘Modern Day Slavery’ Going on at the Southern Border

During Saturday's broadcast of FNC's “Life, Liberty & Levin,” host Mark Levin denounced what he considers “slavery” at the U.S.-Mexico border. Levin noted that the “slavery” issue has not been covered by mainstream media, saying that little attention has been paid to the issue. Slavery: Well, Mark, how does slavery affect elections? We're not talking […]

Travis Kelce Makes Heart Hands, Blows Kiss to Taylor Swift After Scoring TD

On Sunday, Travis Kelce did something he hadn't done in a long time. he scored a touchdown. And, apparently trying to make every football fan in America throw up, he flashed his heart hand and blew a kiss to his girlfriend Taylor Swift. After tossing the ball into the stands, Kelce returned to the Chiefs' […]

Lakers could be interested in Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie

LOS ANGELES — Spencer Dinwiddie broke out of his slump with this trip to the West Coast. It's pure coincidence that the Los Angeles native is reportedly being traded to his hometown Lakers. The newspaper reported that each team had contacted the Nets regarding the availability of a point guard. Matt Moore, currently of Hardwood […]

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs still own Josh Allen and Bills

ORCHARD PARK — The Dragons wore No. 15, but a desperate fan base that had failed in four straight Super Bowls, the last one living with the memory of 30 years ago, was as cold-blooded as they could call him. He kept shouting poisonous words. This dragon had ignited their dreams twice before, but only […]

China developed batteries to make cell phones last 50 years, drones last forever

A Chinese company has claimed to have developed a nuclear battery that provides enough energy to power a mobile phone for 50 years without recharging. China's Betavolt New Energy Technology Co. has claimed to have developed a new battery that combines nickel-63 (⁶3Ni) radioisotope with fourth-generation diamond semiconductors. The result is a battery that reportedly […]

Will Cuylle rewarded for getting ‘at the net’ with key Rangers goal

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Rangers are less than half a period away from losing to the lowly Ducks, snapping their third straight loss. That was until Will Quill's hard work throughout the game paid off in full. Sunday's game against the Rangers was clearly focused on getting his body into the net, with Kyle fighting […]

47 Buried, Over 200 Evacuated As Massive Landslide Hits China: Report

Officials did not immediately say whether anyone was killed in the landslide. Beijing: A landslide in a remote mountainous region of southwestern China on Monday buried 47 people, state media reported. The landslide occurred at 5:51 a.m. (2:51 p.m. Japan time, 5:51 p.m. Japan time, in Zhenxiong county, Yunnan province), state news agency Xinhua reported, […]