Wyoming police Sgt. Nevada Krinkee shot, killed in the line of duty

Wyoming law enforcement is mourning the death of a police sergeant who was shot and killed Tuesday while attempting to issue a trespass warning. Sergeant Klinky of the Sheridan, Nev., Police Department was shot Tuesday afternoon while trying to flag down a trespassing man near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Val Vista Avenue in […]

Democrats and Republicans are preparing to nominate two known national security risks 

Seeing grown men crying and begging for mercy was an unfortunate experience I had at the Pentagon. A mid-level officer was pleading with Pentagon officials not to ruin his military career over the careless handling of a classified document. However, senior government officials in several administrations have played fast and loose with national security by […]

Senate Dems Privately Worry Biden’s Age Could Cost Them White House

Senate Democrats are privately concerned that their party could lose the White House due to President Joe Biden’s aging age of 81, according to reports, but the topic is so “taboo” that it has been canceled at the weekly caucus lunch. It is said that even this will not be discussed. The Hill reported Tuesday […]

NCAA punishes former Division III women’s basketball coach for gambling on college, pro sports

An NCAA investigation found the former Sewanee women’s basketball coach violated the association’s sports betting regulations. College basketball’s governing body ruled that the coach, who was not identified in the NCAA report, bet more than $93,000 on games at the college and professional levels over a two-year period. The NCAA’s Sports Wagering and Ethical Conduct […]

NFL Reveals Audio Of Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift’s Reunion At The Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the celebrity couple that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, offered a glimpse into their romance during the Super Bowl celebrations as captured in a video. The NFL shared the intimate exchange between the pop icon and the Kansas City Chiefs star after his team’s victory. In what is […]

DOUGLAS CARSWELL: Sarah Sanders Shows The Way To Get Americans Back To Work

Not enough people in America are working. Out of every hundred working age adults across the country, only 62 are either working or actively seeking work. If America is to increase workforce participation, state leaders need to get serious about welfare reform. More state governors need to follow the example of Arkansas’ governor, Sarah Huckabee […]