ROOKE: Conservative Men – Focus On Finding A Good Wife, Not A ‘Trad Wife’

Modern society has completely distorted the meaning of “trad wife” and even turned it into a kind of fetish that people on the internet end see as the perfect image of a marriageable woman. But with men becoming increasingly conservative and women trending toward progressiveness, it’s time to have a discussion about what men should […]

White House wants to give the Moon its own time zone

As more companies and countries enter the space race, the White House has directed NASA to lead an effort to help the moon and other planets in the solar system establish standard time. According to a recently announced memorandumthe new time zone is called Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC) and could be introduced by the end […]

Top Biden adviser’s wife considering run for House seat in key swing state

The wife of President Biden’s top adviser, a couple with close ties to the Clinton family, is considering a run for Congress this year, Democratic Party officials confirmed to Fox News Digital. Maggie Goodlander, a top Justice Department lawyer and assistant attorney general in the Biden administration, currently works and lives in Washington, D.C., with […]

Hamas Wants Pressure on Israel, Not Them

On Thursday’s broadcast of FOX News Channel’s “America Report,” Netanyahu spokesman Tal Heinrich said Netanyahu and President Joe Biden made “good decisions” and that the U.S. and Israel have no responsibility for civilian casualties. He said they agreed on the need and desire to eliminate Hamas while minimizing the risk of harm. Please release the […]

Israel to open new border crossing in northern Gaza to increase aid delivery

Israel’s wartime cabinet has approved the opening of a key border crossing in northern Gaza, as pressure mounts on the Gaza Strip to access more vital humanitarian aid to beleaguered Palestinians. According to a statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office shared by Israeli media channels, the government will take immediate steps to open the […]

Ella Emhoff opens textile art show at NYC cannabis shop

Look out, Hunter Biden – another artist with ties to the White House is emerging on the New York art scene. Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter held a textile exhibit Thursday at a Lower East Side cannabis store, where she sold knitted portraits for thousands of dollars. Ella Emhoff, whose father is Second Gentleman Doug […]

Ford delays launch of electric SUV, truck amid slowdown in demand

Ford Motor Co. on Thursday postponed plans to launch a three-row electric vehicle in Canada and a next-generation electric pickup truck in Tennessee, as a slowdown in global EV demand is forcing automakers to revise production plans. announced. Separately, Ford said it is ramping up sales of hybrid electric vehicles and plans to offer hybrid […]

‘Difficult to Say’ How Close Israel Is to Being Like Hamas

On CNN’s “Situation Room” broadcast Thursday, White House National Security and Public Affairs Advisor John Kirby said that although Israel’s actions cannot be equated with the start of the Oct. 7 attacks and Hamas, He said it was “hard to say” how close Israel was to becoming indistinguishable from Hamas. Hamas. Host Wolf Blitzer said: […]

Trump’s Trade Philosophy Is ‘If You Are Fair with Us, We Will Be Fair to You’

Breitbart economics editor John Carney said Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that former President Donald Trump’s trade philosophy is about “reciprocity.” Host Larry Kudrow said, “You wrote this amazing piece. A few days ago, on March 28th, we talked about this piece on the radio ‘Tariffmageddon Is Back.’ You could have quoted that tariffs […]