House Threatens Massie with Fine for Videoing Dems Waving Ukraine Flags

update: Speaker Johnson announces he will not impose a fine on Thomas Massie After seeing Rep. Massey’s tweet, our team reached out to Sgt. I disagree with this assessment and Congressman Massey will not be fined. — Speaker Mike Johnson (@SpeakerJohnson) April 23, 2024 As the House passes tens of billions of dollars in […]

Capitals ‘confused’ by no-call on Artemi Panarin huge hit on T.J. Oshie

Capitals head coach Spencer Carberry hit Rangers forward Artemi with a big hit on TJ Oshie that eliminated the Caps from Game 2 of the first round playoff series against the Blueshirts. Panarin was “confused” as to why he wasn’t penalized. Panarin appeared to take a high on Oshie as he tried to check him […]

Deep’ Rangers completely overpowering Capitals in playoffs

The Rangers have two games left in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but what is their superpower and why they are the favorites to win the Presidents Trophy and drink from the cherished cup for the first time in 30 years? is obvious. Depth is the Rangers’ superpower. It was that depth that helped the Capitals […]

Patients Treated By Female Doctors More Likely To Survive, Claims Study

More than 458,100 female patients and 318,800 male patients participated in this study Patients are less likely to die or be readmitted when treated by a female doctor, according to a new research has been published According to the Annual Report of Internal Medicine, patients who see female doctors have lower mortality and remission […]

Vast majority of aspiring homeowners say they cannot afford the American dream

In “Making Money,” DFW housing and macroeconomic analyst Amy Nixon explains what the sudden rise in mortgage rates means for the housing market. Home ownership has long been considered a mainstay of the American dream, but the majority of would-be homeowners in the United States say they can’t afford it at all. When asked what’s […]

Haiti scrambles to impose security measures with council inauguration imminent

Armored vehicles slowly drive past Haiti’s National Palace as police scan the horizon for gangsters. Every day, bullets fly through the area, hitting buildings and people alike. Most of the territory surrounding the palace is controlled by gangs, but the interim council tasked with selecting Haiti’s new prime minister and cabinet requires its members to […]

Armenia and Azerbaijan move to normalize ties as border marker is placed

Armenia and Azerbaijan moved a step closer to normalizing relations on Tuesday with the installation of the first border marker as experts from both countries worked to demarcate the border after a bitter dispute over territory. The two countries are working towards a peace treaty after Azerbaijan regained full control of Karabakh province, which had […]

Trump brushed off warnings he’d be charged in documents case: Unsealed filings

Former President Trump has shrugged off warnings that he could be indicted for storing classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago mansion and, if indicted, accused one of his current co-defendants, according to new court documents. promised to pardon him. Details laid out in unsealed documents as part of a wide-ranging legal battle in the Mar-a-Lago case […]