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Pete Crow-Armstrong gets clutch RBI to propel Cubs

Pete Crowe Armstrong was a member of the Mets for approximately 13 months. He has made many friends and had a good time within the organization, but until this week he had never set foot in Citi Field or even New York City. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” the Cubs outfielder said this […]

10,000 Black Cab Drivers Sue Uber For $313 Million Over Booking Rules In London

A group of more than 10,000 black taxi drivers is suing Uber for breaching London’s taxi booking rules, potentially costing the ride-hailing giant more than $313 million. A class action lawsuit has been filed in the High Court over Uber’s operations in the capital between May 2012 and March 2018. Taxi drivers claim Uber misled […]

Mexican police say 5 dead in Santeria ‘power’ ritual

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Thousands of mysterious jellyfish-like creatures wash up on California shores

Southern California beachgoers may notice large numbers of jellyfish-like creatures washing up on their local beaches, but these blue blobs aren’t ocean jellyfish. thousands of Berera BerelasWind-driven sailors have recently appeared on Golden State beaches from San Diego to Marin County. A photo taken in San Clemente on April 28 shows thousands of gelatinous hydroids […]

Reform UK backs candidates who promoted online conspiracy theories | Politics

Reform UK has chosen to support candidates who have promoted conspiracy theories online, called the climate emergency a “hoax” and expressed vaccine skepticism. These fringe opinions and others were raised by a group of seven candidates selected to run from right-wing populist parties in the next general election, including some analysis. This includes candidates who […]

CNN Panel Says ‘Average’ Americans Don’t Care About Pro-Palestine College Protests Covered By ‘Elite’ Media Alumni

A CNN panel said Monday morning that “average” American voters are not concerned with pro-Palestine protests on college campuses that are covered by “elite” media alumni of Ivy League schools. Anti-Israel protests have recently swept college campuses across the nation including Columbia University and New York University (NYU), resulting in hours of media coverage dedicated […]