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Kevin Spacey endorses RFK Jr. for president

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received a celebrity endorsement Monday from embattled Kevin Spacey, who called the independent candidate a “loyal friend.” praised. Spacey, 64, is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct from multiple men in the documentary Spacey Unmasked, scheduled for release Tuesday. “There’s so much to learn from this man. When […]

2 suspects arrested in Delaware State shooting; neither are students

Two suspects arrested in connection with a mass shooting on Delaware State University’s campus are not students at the school, authorities said Monday. Dover police announced Thursday that Dover residents Destry Jones, 20, and Damian Hinson, 18, were arrested on suspicion of murdering Wilmington resident Kamei Mitchell De Silva. . De Silva, 18, was shot […]

Texas Parents Accused of Hiding Fentanyl in Baby’s Diaper

A mother and father were arrested Monday morning in Smith County, Texas, for allegedly hiding fentanyl pills in their infant’s diaper. Dredarian Estelle, 27, and Jada Speight, 22, are both charged with abandonment or endangerment of a child creating imminent danger, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance between 4 grams and 200 grams, between […]

Trump Is ‘Terrified’ of Jail, ‘He Will Be Pulled Apart’

MSNBC commentator Donnie Deutsch said Monday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump is “afraid” of going to prison because it would “separate him” from having a normal daily life. . Host Nicole Wallace said this about the judge in New York City’s business records court threatening prison time for further violations of the gag […]

Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Appeared in Infomercials Selling Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Dr. Jeff Gunter, a wealthy dermatologist who claims to be an “America First” candidate and is running for the Nevada Senate, said at some point in his youth that he was exposed to an anti-wrinkle serum. At least one man was promoting it in a sketchy late-night infomercial selling it. In the lawsuit, he said […]

Knicks’ tightened rotation pays dividends again in Game 1 win

Manager Tom Thibodeau has often noted that most teams will reduce their rotation in the playoffs, but the Knicks lost their last two games against the 76ers after veteran backup Bojan Bogdanovic went down with a foot injury in Game 4. Only seven players were used in the match. In recent days, Thibodeau responded with […]

Knicks’ Josh Hart delivers another stellar 48-minute effort

Complete game pitchers have all but died out in baseball with the likes of Randy Johnson and Roy Halladay, but Josh Hart is returning to his days as a workhorse pitcher in these NBA playoffs. Hart was on the court throughout the Knicks’ Game 1 win over the Pacers, marking his third long-distance appearance in […]