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48 hours in Cologne, Germany’s most laid-back city | Cologne holidays

IRead Kölsch for the fifth time and begin to understand the Cologne constitution.we are sitting Pefgen, one of the traditional breweries that produces the pale yellow beer typical of German cities. It’s served in a small straight glass (obviously the foam runs out quickly), and each time the glass is empty, the waiter shakes it […]

The Fourteenth Amendment Farce

Any complete and parsimonious reading of the law must conclude that Trump should stay on the ballot. As part of its relentless lawfare against former President Trump and his bid for re-election, the left has filed suit in several states to compel election officials in those states to keep him off their presidential primary and […]

The case for forever high interest rates – Yahoo Finance

Written by Jörg Baselli (Reuters) – If financial markets are right, interest rates will remain high not just this year, but perhaps forever. A return to inflation means ultra-low interest rates are a thing of the past. And economists say markets are now reflecting a scenario in which even the neutral interest rate, which balances […]

To aid the green energy transition, we need to modernize our grid infrastructure

While it’s true that some things improve over time, America’s aging electricity transmission infrastructure is not one of them. Updated electricity transmission infrastructure is essential to reduce emissions and ensure reliable electricity service. Congress passed the Green Energy Act to make this update a reality, but it’s up to a little-known government committee to fully […]

Antony Blinken delivers strongest public rebuke of Israel yet: ‘Get out of Gaza’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday delivered one of the Biden administration’s strongest public rebukes to Israel, which is in the midst of a war with Hamas in Gaza. Blinken said in two television interviews that the United States wants Israeli forces to “withdraw from Gaza” amid what he described as “the horrific loss […]

Actor Nicholas Galitzine Feels ‘Guilt’ for Taking Queer Roles as a Hetero Man

British actor Nicholas Galitzine has admitted he feels “guilty” about playing queer roles despite not being a member of the LGBTQQIAAP2S+ community. The actor received praise from the gay community for playing a gay member of the royal family in the film. red, white, royal blue. However, he has also played a series of other […]

Gen Z Struggling with Low Income, Higher Debt-to-Income Ratio

Recent research shows that Gen Z is struggling financially, with lower incomes and higher debt-to-income ratios than when Millennials were their age. a study According to consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion, a survey of 614 Gen Z adults who are currently 22 to 24 years old and 623 Millennials who were 22 to 24 years […]

Knicks’ Donte DiVincenzo admits Pacers ‘competed harder’

INDIANAPOLIS — Forty-eight hours ago, the Knicks were on the verge of taking a 3-0 lead in the Eastern Conference, and Donte DiVincenzo was a big factor in that. On Sunday, the Knicks won, and the Pacers tied the series at 2-2 with a thorough victory, 121-89. DiVincenzo, among many other players, was responsible for […]

Yankees’ Luis Gil lights-out to continue early-season dominance

PETERSBURG, Fla., ST. — Lewis Gil was the solution to a problem for the Yankees, but he’s quickly becoming a problem for the rest of the league. Gerrit Cole, who replaced him in the rotation, continued to shine on Sunday, pitching a six-inning shutout win over the Yankees and Rays at Tropicana Field. Gill, who […]