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People With Dementia Aren’t Eligible For Voluntary Assisted Dying. Should They Be?

More than 421,000 people in Australia live with dementia, and that number is expected to double over the next 30 years. Queensland, Australia: Dementia is 2nd cause of death Open to Australians aged 65 and over.There are over 421,000 Australians Currently living with dementia And this number is expected to nearly double over the next […]

Americans in alleged Congo coup plot formed an unlikely band

Three Americans involved in the weekend’s brazen attack on Congo’s presidential palace have formed an unlikely band under the leadership of eccentric opposition figure Christian Malanga. He dabbled in gold mining, used automobiles, and later persuaded his Utah-born son to join him in the failed coup, authorities said. Description of events by those involved. Six […]

Trump lawyer lands blow against Michael Cohen on stealing from Trump Organization

NEW YORK — Former President Trump’s chief defense attorney delivered another punch to Michael Cohen on Monday, accusing the Trump Organization of ex-fixer allegedly receiving repayments for hush money that was at the center of Trump’s criminal case. He was made to admit that he had committed the theft. “Did you steal from the Trump […]

New study finds that cannabis poisonings among senior citizens have tripled

The push to legalize cannabis has led to a significant increase in poisonings and visits to hospital emergency rooms, a newly-released Canadian study revealed. Researchers analyzed “the association between edible cannabis legalization and emergency department (ED) visits for cannabis poisoning” in adults in Ontario, Canada, who were 65 years old and older. The study found that […]

Deadly Storm With Hurricane-Force Gusts Wreaks Havoc On Houston, Trashes Skyscrapers

Thunderstorms with hurricane-force winds have torn through the city of Houston, knocking down trees and powerlines as well as damaging buildings, according to The Associated Press (AP). Houston Mayor John Whitmire said there were at least four deaths due to Thursday’s storm, according to a press conference. At least two of the deaths were a […]