25,000 Illegal Migrants Have Landed on British Shores Since Start of Year

More than 25,000 illegal migrant boats have landed on British shores since the start of the year as Rishi Sunak continues to fail to resolve the Channel crisis.

Conservative Party leaders gathered at a party conference in Manchester to set the agenda for next year’s general election, but one of Mr Sunak’s most important promises to the public remains unfulfilled. Mr Sunak, who was appointed to Downing Street against the wishes of Conservative Party members earlier this year, promised to “stop the ship” and urged people to hold him to account if the government failed to deliver on its policies.

Ten months on, there appears to be no end in sight to the wave of migrant boats landing on British shores, with more than 25,000 crossings total on Monday since Mr Sunak’s speech in January. became. according to According to calculations by the Japan Journalists Association.

The Prime Minister is trying to claim that his policies have resulted in fewer people crossing the Strait than last year, with 33,000 people crossing the Strait so far in 2022, but this year the number of people crossing the Strait illegally is 17,085. This is still significantly higher than in 2021, when the number of ships landed in the Strait. About 7,000 people passed through at the end of September and in 2020.

It is unclear what policies Mr Sunak can offer to convince voters of the government’s effectiveness. Besides handing France an extra £500m to strengthen coastal patrols against human smuggling networks in and around the Calais region, the government’s main deterrent is to send boat migrants to Rwanda or house them on offshore barges. The policy remains in legal limbo.

Perhaps positioning herself as a potential successor to the party leadership, Sunak’s Home Secretary Suela Braverman gave a powerful speech last week saying multiculturalism has failed and international asylum law needs to be reformed to prevent economic immigration gambling. declared that there was. The refugee system, and foreigners should not be able to apply for asylum solely because they are gay or female.

But despite Ms Braverman’s tough words, she has not succeeded in reducing illegal immigration across the Channel, which is her responsibility as Home Secretary. Migration Watch UK responded to Ms Braverman’s speech, praising her passion but saying it was hard to believe it would ultimately lead to anything.

They said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News: “There is no doubting Suela Braverman’s desire and commitment to address illegal immigration. But our biggest concern is that we have heard it all before.

“We were promised control of our borders, but now we are witnessing an alarming disorder ongoing in the Channel and a staggering net migration figure of 606,000 people. The points-based system promoted falls short of resembling the effective Australian model. It is essential to move beyond rhetoric and take concrete action to ensure true border control. ”

Indeed, the Conservative Party conference in Manchester saw the party’s purportedly conservative party weigh in on the issue, with globalist figures like Mr Sunak’s powerful Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt pouring cold water on Mr Braverman’s hardline stance. This shows that the two countries remain deeply divided. saying “I don’t want to use her words,” he said of the immigration crisis. Braverman’s predecessor, Priti Patel, also used her background as the child of immigrants to go after Braverman. Claim Multiculturalism has been a success in Britain.

Net immigration is also expected to decline, despite the party’s longstanding promise to reduce legal immigration. Be expected We plan to exceed 500,000 people again this year. The party promised to cut immigration in its election manifestos in the 2010, 2015 and 2017 general elections, but in 2017 George Osborne, Prime Minister David Cameron’s right-hand man, announced that despite his pledge to voters, admitted that it had no intention of actually cutting immigration. numbers.

Alongside the economic and cost-of-living crisis, the Conservative Party’s failure to deliver on immigration over the past decade also threatens to become a key issue for Mr Sunak as he heads to next year’s general election. An Ipsos poll published last month showed dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of immigration has reached its highest level since the months leading up to the 2016 Brexit referendum, with 66 per cent of people disapproving of Mr Sunak’s performance. It is said that

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