29-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Enrolling in New Jersey High School

A 29-year-old woman who attempted to enroll in a New Jersey high school as a student by providing false documents has been charged.

Hyejeong Shin of New Brunswick was charged on Tuesday with one count of third-degree providing a false government document with the intent to verify one’s identity or age, according to USA Today.

Shin attempted to enroll at the New Brunswick High School as a juvenile student by providing a false birth certificate. She attended class for four days before officials realized her age and banned her from district property.

“To know that a person with that intention was that close to me is even scarier,” sophomore Rihanna Colon told News 12 New Jersey.

The ordeal sparked protests on campus at which participants called for better security at a school reportedly plagued by fights and other safety concerns.

“I want to see the school make a change. They simply ignore everything, sweep it under rug for their reputation,” said Colon.

Concerned parents and students were confused as to why Shin was at the school and why she attempted to enroll as a juvenile.

“It happened last week and that’s concerning. As parents, we are the last ones to know what’s going on, and we should be the first ones,” mother Yaritza Arroyo told News 12 New Jersey. “Our children are in school and we send them there hoping and praying that they are safe — and they aren’t.”

The situation was addressed Tuesday during a board of education meeting, New Brunswick Public School District Superintendent Aubrey Johnson told, which reported that schools are required to enroll unaccompanied children, even in the absence of records normally required for enrollment.

Johnson said the district would be reviewing its enrollment process to avoid a repeat of the situation.

“All appropriate authorities were notified, and the individual in question has been arrested for providing false documentation,” Johnson added.

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