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40 corny, silly and fun ‘dad jokes’ to share on Father’s Day 2024

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In anticipation of Father’s Day 2024, Fox News Digital has compiled a variety of “Dad Jokes” shared by fatherly figures and others on social media.

“Dad jokes are more than just funny jokes told by men who happen to have kids. They walk the line between witty and silly humor, equal parts cheesy and funny,” New York-based parental lifestyle blog Fatherly.com said on its website.

“A great dad joke is almost always a kind of pun: a punch line that’s so ridiculous and so puzzling it sticks in your mind.”

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We’ve put together a list of 40 witty and playful jokes from dads and father figures, based on input from people and online forums. Read on!

Be sure to post your favorite “Dad Jokes” in the comments below.

“Why are pigs such bad drivers? Pigs hog the roads.” (Half point)

1. “How did Pasta get locked out of his house?”


2. “How do you know if a pig is hot?”


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3. “What did the beach say when the tide came in?”

– It’s been a while since I’ve been to the sea.

4. “Why shouldn’t I use unsharpened pencils?”

-That’s pointless.

5. “Why did the old man fall into the well?”

– He couldn’t see very well.

Father and Son

“Why are fish so smart? They live in groups!” (iStock)

6. “Why do turkeys play percussion instruments?”

– I have drumsticks.

7. “What do you call a happy cowboy?”

– Jolly Rancher.

8. “What will you give to your dentist this year?”

– A little plaque!

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9. “Why did the football coach go to the bank?”

– To get your 25 cents back!

10. “What is the best thing about Switzerland?”

– I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus!

11. “Where do we go if the ship gets sick?”

– To the pier.

12. “Did you hear about the roof?”

– Never mind, it’s beyond your understanding.

Father and Son

“Why couldn’t the pony sing? It was a little horse.” (iStock)

13. “What do you call an interesting mountain?”

-Hill Arias.

14. “I used to be crazy about the Hokey Pokey… I have pivoted.”

15. “I don’t trust stairs…always. He is planning something.

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16. “Want to hear some construction jokes?”

– We’re still working on it!

17. “Want to hear a joke about paper?”

– Don’t worry about it, it will tear.

18. “What did Sparticus say when the lion ate his wife?”

– Nothing. He was a gladiator.

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19. “Where does 007 invest his money?”

-In the bond market.

20. “What do you call a deer with no eyes?”

– I don’t know (I’m blind).

Dad spins girl on the dance floor

“Never trust atoms, they’re what make up everything!” (iStock)

21. “Why didn’t the produce manager show up to work?”

– He could drive, but he couldn’t eat avocados.

22. “Where can I learn how to make ice cream?”

-Sunday School.

23. “How did the pirates sell their ships for such high prices?”

– We were sailing.

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24. “What do you call an angry golfer?”

– We teed off!

25. “What did the duck say after he went shopping?”

– Please put it on my invoice.

26. “Did you hear the story about the golfer who didn’t have any metal clubs in his bag?”

– He was iron deficient.

27. “Why did the bank teller shove the customer?”

– He wanted to check his balance.

28. “Why was the painting sent to prison?”

– He was trapped.

Dad does stupid things

What is your best or favorite “Dad Joke” of all time? Post it in the comments section below this article. (Half Point/Jakobchuk Olena)

29. “How do birds learn to fly?”

– They improvise.

30. “How can I have a party in space?”

– You planet!

31. “What do you call fake noodles?”


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32. “What did the Dalmatian say after dinner?”

-That’s exactly right.

33. “Why did the rabbit go to the salon?”

– It was a terrible day.

34. “Where do the crayons go on vacation?”

-Color Ad.

35. “How do I make a robot angry?”

– Hold down his button.

36. Why did the cow go to Hollywood?

-To appear in a movie.

37-40.Check out four more funny ones in the captions of this article.

Share your own jokes in the comments below.