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5 Facts About Iraq TikTok Star Om Fahad Who Was Shot Dead Outside Her Home

Om Fahd lived in the Zoyuna neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, where he was killed.

New Delhi:

Iraqi TikTok star Om Fahd was shot dead by an unidentified assailant in front of his home in Baghdad on Saturday. Surveillance camera footage taken from the scene of the attack shows the attacker arriving near the content creator’s residence on a motorcycle. After getting off his bike, the assailant can be seen walking towards the black SUV where Fahad was sitting.

The gunman, dressed in black and wearing a helmet, pulled open the door of Fahad’s car and fired several shots at her.

Here are some facts about Om Fahad:

1. Om Fahad’s real name is Ghufran Sawadi.

2. She lived in the Zoyuna district in eastern Baghdad, where she was murdered.

3. As a famous TikToker, Fahad had nearly 500,000 followers. Her content usually featured dancing to Iraqi music, as well as shopping and food vlogs. Some of her videos have racked up more than 1 million views.

4. In February last year, Fahad was sentenced by a court to six months in prison. This came after a court found her content contained “obscene statements that undermine modesty and public morals”.

5. Immediately thereafter, Geneva-based European Medical Human Rights Monitor He said he found no basis to prosecute Mr. Om Fahad. The report also claimed that her content did not exceed the limits of her rights to freedom of opinion, expression, and publication.

In January 2023, Iraq’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement saying it had published “inappropriate and offensive content” shared by influential figures such as Om Fahd, with the aim of protecting the “morals and family values” of Iraqi society. A committee was established to investigate. Al Jazeera The ministry said it has also set up an online platform where Iraqi users can report the removal of such content. Officials shared that the public has embraced the platform, leading to tens of thousands of reports. As a result, several online content creators were forced to apologize and delete certain content following the ministry’s crackdown.

Fahad is not the first Iraqi influencer to be shot in the face of a growing crackdown on online freedoms. Her killing comes nearly a year after the murder of 23-year-old TikToker Noor Al-Safar.